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Bridges & Structures

FY 2001 Discretionary Bridge Program

Highway Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation
Funds Authorized: $75,000,000, Obligation Limitation: $ 87.9%
Governmentwide Rescission: .22%
Funds Available: $ 65,779,965

Project Name State Funds Allocated* Project Type and Prefix
Clement C. Clay Bridge Alabama $877,066 Replacement BRF
Clement C. Clay (US 231/Tn. River) Alabama $7,805,890 Replacement BRF
Oaklawn Pedestrian Bridge California $438,533 Replacement BRF
Santa Clara Bridge California $5,700,930 Replacement BRF
Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge Connecticut $2,806,612 Replacement BRF
Florida Memorial Bridge Florida $8,770,662 Replacement BRF
Waimalu Bridge Hawaii $2,982,025 Rehabilitation BRH
US54/US69 Bridge Kansas $1,754,132 Rehabilitation BRH
Fairfield-Benton Kennebec Bridges Maine $3,508,265 Replacement BRF
Woodrow Wilson Bridge Mississippi $2,806,612 Rehabilitation BRH
Chouteau Bridge Missouri $4,385,331 Replacement BRF
Powell County Bridge Montana $1,315,599 Replacement BRF
Washington Bridge Rhode Island $5,262,397 Rehabilitation BRH
14th Street Bridge Virginia $4,385,331 Replacement BRF
Missisquoi Bridge Vermont $3,069,732 Replacement BRF
Star City West Virginia $5,700,930 Replacement BRF
Wacker Drive Illinois $4,209,918 Replacement BRF
Total $65,779,965  

* 87.9% Obligation Limitation, plus 0.22% Government Wide Rescission -FY 2001 Omnibus Bill* As noted, the Funds Provided have been reduced by the FY 2001 FHWA Obligation Limitation of 87.9%. An additional 0.22% was deducted from this amount in accordance with the Government-wide Rescission as contained in the FY 2001 Omnibus Appropriations Act.

Highway Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation
Seismic Retrofit Category
Funds Authorized: $25,000,000, Obligation Limitation: 87.9%
Funds Available: $21,975,000

Project Name State Funds Allocated Project Type and Prefix
I-40/Miss. River Arkansas $2,800,000 SR
Golden Gate California $7,975,000 SR
Poplar Street Missouri $7,000,000 SR
I-40/Miss. River Tennessee $4,200,000 SR
TOTAL $21,975,000
Updated: 08/02/2016
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