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Bridges & Structures

FHWA Bridge/Hydraulics/Geotechnical Engineers Contact Information

Office of Bridges and Structures | Resource Center Technical Service Teams | Division Offices
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Office of Bridges and Structures (HIBS-1)
Name Title Telephone Location
Joey Hartmann Director 202-366-4589 E75-318
Linda Baker Program Support Assistant 202-366-4851 E73-313
David Lehmann Program Support 202-366-4588 E75-108
Structural Engineering Team (HIBS-10)
Brian Kozy Team Leader 202-493-0341 E75-320
Vacant Senior Bridge Engineer E76-109
Raj Ailaney Senior Bridge Engineer 202-366-6749 E75-314
Bill Bergeson Senior Tunnel Engineer 202-366-4847 E75-113
Steve Ernst Safety and Security/Bridge-Tunnels 202-366-4619 E75-336
Lubin Gao Load Rating Engineer 202-366-4604 E75-115
Reggie Holt Senior Bridge Engineer 202-366-4596 E75-109
Phil Yen Principal Bridge Engineer 202-366-5604 E75-107
Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering Team (HIBS-20)
Joe Krolak Team Leader 202-366-4611 E75-322
Brian Beucler Hydraulics Engineer 202-366-4598 E75-119
Michelle Cribbs Highway Engineer 202-366-8792 E75-327
Dave Henderson Sr. Hydraulic Engineer, Scour 202-493-0520 E73-451
Minnie Long Transportation Specialist 202-366-8791 E75-121
Khalid Mohamed Geotechnical Engineer 202-366-0886 E73-123
Silas Nichols Geotechnical Engineer 202-366-1554 E75-328
Structures Safety, Preservation, and Management Team (HIBS-30)
Shay Burrows Team Leader 202-366-4675 E75-324
Anwar Ahmad Senior Bridge Preservation Engineer 202-366-8501 E75-117
Doug Blades Inspection/ Program Support 202-366-4622 E75-130
Barry Brecto Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 360-753-9556 WA Div. Off.
Derek Constable Bridge Management Engineer 202-366-4606 E73-125
Tom Drda Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 919-747-7011 NC Div. Off.
Fernando Luna Structural Engineer 202-366-4621 E75-123
Everett Matias Senior Bridge Engineer 202-366-6712 E75-124
Gary Moss Senior Bridge Inspection Engineer 202-366-4654 E75-122
Jon Nekritz Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 708-283-3535 IL RC
Ann Shemaka Transportation Specialist 202-366-1575 E75-127
John Thiel Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 202-366-8795 E75-128

Division Bridge Engineers
State Name Phone Title
Alabama Lewis Harden 334-274-6363 Structural Engineer
Alaska Peter Forsling 907-586-7427 Bridge Engineer
Arizona Vacant Bridge and Area Engineer
Marissa Romero 602-382-8968 Assistant Bridge Engineer
Arkansas Terry Daniel 501-324-5356 Bridge Engineer
California Chris Long 916-498-5042 Infrastructures Team Leader
Greg Kolle 916-498-5852 Senior Structures Engineer
Sarah Skeen 916-498-5023 Structures/Research Engineer
Colorado Matthew Greer 720-963-3008 Bridge Engineer
Connecticut Ted Aldieri 860-494-7582 Structural Engineer
Delaware Dennis O'Shea 302-734-3609 Bridge Engineer
Marisela Tavarez 410-779-7151 Assistant Bridge Engineer
District of Columbia   Bob Mihalek 202-219-3515 Structural Engineer
Florida Jeffrey Ger 850-553-2244 Senior Structures Engineer
Abraham Ramirez 850-553-2250 Structures Engineer
Georgia Leon Kim 404-562-3636 Structural Engineer
Hawaii Domingo Galicinao 808-541-2302 Structural Engineer
Idaho Ed Miltner 208-334-9180 x122 Bridge and Operations Engineer
Illinois Daniel Brydl 217-492-4632 Bridge Engineer
Micah Loesch 217-492-4629 Assistant Bridge Engineer
Indiana Keith Hoernschemeyer   317-226-7490 Bridge Engineer
Iowa Chris Cromwell 515-233-7320 Bridge Engineer
Kansas Steven E. Toillion 785-271-2448 x213 Structural Engineer
Kentucky Boray Borres 502-223-6763 Bridge Engineer
Reinaldo Silvestry 502-223-6740 Structures PDP
Louisiana Arturo Aguirre 225-757-7611 Bridge Engineer
Maine Maria Drozd 207-512-4918 Bridge Engineer
Jonathan Buck 207-512-4926 Structures PDP
Maryland Dennis O'Shea 302-734-3609 Senior Bridge Engineer
Marisela Tavarez 410-779-7151 Assistant Bridge Engineer
Massachusetts Olu Adeyemi 617-494-2462 Bridge Engineer
Michael Arpino 617-494-2316 Assistant Bridge Engineer
Stephen Bartha 617-494-2326 Tunnel & Bridge Structural Engineer
Michigan Mark Lewis 517-702-1846 Bridge Program Engineer
MT Chaudhry 517-702-1822 Assistant Bridge Engineer
Minnesota Romeo R. Garcia 651-291-6125 Bridge Engineer
Mississippi Vacant Structural Engineer
Missouri Ken Foster 573-638-2613 Division Bridge Engineer
Peter Clogston 314-453-1844 Major Project Manager
Montana Drew Sielbach 406-441-3907 Structures Engineer
Nebraska David Mraz 402-742-8472 Bridge Engineer
Nevada Dale Wegner 775-687-5323 Bridge Engineer
New Hampshire Karim Naji 603-410-4856 Bridge Engineer
New Jersey Chester Kolota 609-637-4219 Structural Engineer
Diane Kretz 609-637-4229 Assistant Division Bridge Engineer
New Mexico Thiet Nguyen 505-820-2025 Bridge Engineer
Yamayra Rodriguez 505-820-2026 Structures PDP
New York Dan Byer 518-431-8876 Bridge Engineer (POC)
Chris Millington 518-431-8853 Assistant Division Bridge Engineer
North Carolina Earl Dubin 919-747-7012 Structural Engineer
North Dakota Kevin Michel 701-250-4343 ext 103 Engineering Services Team Leader
Ohio Matt Shamis 614-280-6847 Bridge Engineer
Kenny Tong 614-280-6845 Structural and Materials Engineer
Oklahoma Randy Leonard 405-254-3331 Structural Engineer
Cory Yeager 405-254-3338 Assistant Structural Engineer
Oregon Tim Rogers 503-316-2564 Bridge Engineer
Pennsylvania Derek Constable 717-221-4542 Bridge Engineer
Wendy McAbee 717-221-4541 Assistant Bridge Engineer
Puerto Rico Jeffrey Ger 850-553-2244 Senior Structures Engineer
Abraham Ramirez 850-553-2250 Sturctures Engineer
Rhode Island Anthony Rotondo 401-528-4566 Structures Engineer
South Carolina Ken Johnson 803-465-1947 Structural Engineer
South Dakota Mark Clausen 605-224-7326 x3034   Bridge Engineer/Operations Team Leader
Tennessee Paul Sharp 615-781-5762 bridge Engineer
John Steele 615-781-5777 Assistant Bridge Engineer
Texas Hector Garcia 512-536-5923 Structures Engineer
Andrew Smyth 512-536-5928 Structures PDP
Utah Russell Robertson 801-955-3512 Program Delivery Team Leader
Elizabeth Cramer 801-955-3527 Bridge and Area Engineer
Vermont Tod Kimball 802-828-4574 Structural Engineer
Virginia Rodolfo Maruri 804-775-3353 Structural Engineer
Chris Marston 804-775-3336 Assistant Structural Engineer
Tim Tam 804-775-3363 Structures PDP
Washington Debbie Lehmann 360-753-9482 Bridge Engineer
West Virginia Bert Buchanan 304-347-5932 Bridge Engineer
Wisconsin Joe Balice 608-829-7528 Bridge Engineer
Wyoming Mark Boushele 307-771-2947 Pavement and Structures Engineer

FHWA Resource Center Technical Service Teams (TST)
Name Phone Title Office Location
Geotechnical and Hydraulics Engineering TST
Scott Anderson 720-963-3244 Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering TST Team Leader Resource Center (Lakewood)
Dan Ghere 708-283-3557 Senior Hydraulic Engineer Resource Center (Matteson)
Scott Hogan 720-963-3742 Resource Center
Cynthia Nurmi 404-562-3908 Hydraulic Engineer Resource Center (Atlanta)
Eric Brown 410-962-3743 Hydraulic Engineer Resource Center (Baltimore)
Naser Abu-Hejleh 720-963-3242   Geotechnical Engineer Resource Center (Matteson)
Daniel Alzamora 720-963-3214 Geotechnical Engineer Resource Center (Lakewood)
Rich Barrows 360-619-7704 Geotechnical Engineer Western Federal Lands
Justice Maswoswe 410-962-2460 Senior Geotechnical Engineer Resource Center (Baltimore)
Benjamin Rivers 404-562-3926 Geotechnical Engineer Resource Center (Atlanta)
Barry Siel 720-963-3208 Senior Geotechnical Engineer Resource Center (San Francisco)
Name Phone Title Office Location
410-962-6791 Manager, Structures TST Resource Center (Baltimore)
Benjamin Beerman 404-562-3930 Structural Engineer Resource Center (Atlanta)
Jamal Elkaissi 820-963-3272 Structural Engineer Resource Center (Lakewood)
Sonny Jadun 708-283-3529 Structural Engineer Resource Center (Matteson)
Derrell Manceaux 720-963-3205 Senior Structural Engineer Resource Center (Lakewood)
Larry O'Donnell 708-283-3502 Senior Structural Engineer Resource Center (Matteson)
Tom Saad 708-283-3521 Senior Structural Engineer Resource Center (Matteson)
Waider Wong 410-962-9252 Senior Structural Engineer Resource Center (Baltimore)

Federal Lands Highway Office
Office Name Phone Title
Headquarters Russell Garcia 202-366-9815 Tribal Transportation Bridge Program Coordinator
Eastern Federal Lands Rich Pakhchanian (Hratch) 703-404-6246 FLH Bridge Engineer
Eric Aramayo 703-404-6234 Civil Engineer Technician  
Phillip Boinske 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Robert Ellena 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Herman Ramos 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Quinn Nguyen 703-404-6234 Bridge Management Team Leader
Carlos Castro 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Jaime Galdos 703-404-6234 Civil Engineer Technician
Roger Lu 703-404-6234 Bridge Design Team Leader
Benn Oltmann 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Cesar Vargas 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Barbara Kissell 703-404-6234 Civil Engineer Technician  
Yohannes Mesfin 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Tuonglinh Warren 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Aide Romero 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Oluwaseun Ajide 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer PDP
Adam Fisher 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer  
Gary Goodlin 703-404-6234 Civil Engineer Technician  
Nathanael Jansen 703-404-6234 Civil Engineer Technician  
Samantha Lubkin 703-404-6234 Federal Agency Bridge Safety Engineer
Marcus Miller 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Jose Ortiz 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Michael Reger 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Jorgomai Ceesay 703-404-6244 Bridge Inspection Supervisory Engineer
Hong Chen 703-404-6249 Structural Engineer
Venkat Venkatasamy 703-404-6234 Structural Engineer
Libby Gress 703-948-1440 Hydraulics Team Leader
Brett Morris 703-404-6353 Hydraulic Engineer
Abhishek Kapoor 703-948-3549 Hydraulic Engineer
Vacant 703-404-6347 Division Geotechnical Engineer
Central Federal Lands Karl Eikermann 720-963-3390 Bridge Design Team Leader
Steven Belcher 720-963-3667 Structural Engineer
Dana Christensen 720-963-3401 Structural Engineer
Burnnie Robinson 720-963-3396 Civil Engineer Technician
Samir Sidhomr 720-963-3399 Bridge Design Team Leader
Greg May 720-963-3395 Structural Engineer
Danielle Germani 720-963-3643 Structural Engineer
Bonnie Klamerus 720-963-3630 CFLHD Bridge Supervisory Team Leader
Leo DePaula 720-963-3413 Structural Engineer
Ryan Wehner 720-963-3690 Civil Engineer Technician 
Matt DeMarco 720-963-3520 Geotechnical Engineer
Bart Bergendahl 720-963-3754 Federal Lands Hydraulics Discipline Leader
Veronica Ghelardi 720-963-3238 Hydraulic Team Leader
Laura Girard Hydraulic Engineer
Western Federal Lands   Khoa Nguyen 360-619-7669 Bridge Engineer
Fahmi Ismail 360-619-7705 Structural Engineer
Jeff M. Berg 360-619-7719 Structural Engineer
Sven Leon 360-619-7767 Hydraulics Team Leader
James Neighorn 360-619-7830 Hydraulic Engineer
Megan Frye 360-619-7810 Hydraulic Engineer
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