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IPD Academy: An Introduction


Training through Webinars, on-demand courses, and tailored workshops.

Professional development opportunities.

Officially open in December 2009.


IPD Academy

Thay Bishop, CPA, CTP

The Innovative Program Delivery (IPD) office equips decisionmakers and practitioners with the tools and knowledge they need to explore and implement innovative strategies to deliver transportation programs and projects. Innovation can help overcome resource constraints, address energy and environmental considerations, and promote efficiencies in program delivery.

Successful accomplishment of the IPD office's mission demands a knowledgeable and confident U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) workforce who can effectively engage with our State and local partners on these topics. In addition, expertise in the new strategies will help our professional staff integrate IPD strategies into their specific disciplines and focus areas. The IPD office established the IPD Academy to build capacity within USDOT, FHWA, and other stakeholders.

The Academy provides a growing selection of courses and curricula in the area of innovative program delivery. These courses are offered via webinars and may also be combined to suit the unique requirements of our field offices. In addition, the Academy will offer rotational assignments, as well as opportunities to serve in a speakers' bureau and to provide expert assistance on special IPD projects, for employees who have built their expertise and can serve as a resource to others.

Virginia's Capital Beltway Project used a number of IPD

These professional development opportunities not only support individual career aspirations, but they also help form IPD champions within the Department - staff who are comfortable in suggesting to their State and local partners new ways of delivering the surface transportation program.

The IPD Academy began its operation by offering select courses through its partnership with the National Highway Institute. To date, it has provided 12 introductory courses and 6 advance courses via several dozen 2-hour Webinar sessions.

The IPD office will deliver training to State and local transportation agencies through its Division offices and in collaboration with the AA SHTO Center for Excellence in Project Finance.

In FY2012, over 5,300 registrations for IPD Academy courses were recorded. Students from 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico participated in courses covering public - private partnerships, project finance tools, GARVEE and SIB stewardship, TIFIA, road pricing outreach mini sessions, congestion pricing, cost estimate reviews, financial plans, and project management plans.

In FY2012, The Academy launched special "Office Hours" initiatives, a live question-and-answer session with Technical Experts from FHWA's IPD Office. These sessions were intended for Transportation Professionals interested in learning and sharing their experiences with input from other peers in implementing : TIFIA, P3, GARVEEs, SIBs, Section 129 Loans, Federal Tolling & Pricing, Major Projects Cost Estimate Reviews, Financial Plans, or Project Management Plans.

In preparation for new States taking advantage of the TIFIA program, a series of courses were offered to help Division offices better understand the specific, and oftentimes unique, requirements attached to TIFIA projects.

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