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P3 Toolkit


These Checklists guide decision-makers through the initial steps of what will ultimately be a more comprehensive evaluation leading to important decisions in the assessment and procurement of P3 projects. Intended as high level documents, they provide decision-makers with an understanding of the various steps involved in the analysis processes leading to key decisions.

P3-SCREEN - Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Delivery Options Screening Checklist
Supporting Document: PDF  HTML
Checklist: Excel (macro-enabled)
P3-SCREEN is a checklist to assist public agencies in assessing the appropriateness of delivering a planned transportation project as a public-private partnership. The Excel-based evaluation tool and supporting guide provide a preliminary, qualitative screening process highlighting key criteria and questions relevant to the viability of delivering highway projects on a P3 basis.

P3-SCREEN guides decision-makers through what is potentially the first step of a more comprehensive evaluation process that concludes with a decision regarding the optimal approach to procuring a project.  The initial screening assessment may be conducted prior to the conclusion of the environmental review process to assist agencies in determining whether to pursue a more comprehensive evaluation of alternative project delivery options.


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