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Acquisition and Grants Management

Forecast Procurement

Welcome to the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) procurement forecast for the current Fiscal Year, which begins on October 1. You are encouraged to review this forecast periodically because new information is added as it becomes available.

I encourage potential offerors, including teaming partners, to review our projects. If one or more of the projects appear to coincide with technical strengths of your concern, and you believe your concern is eminently qualified to undertake the requirement, you are encouraged to submit a capability brochure to either me or the contact person designated for each requirement, which in most cases will be the technical manager. Your brochure should provide significant information about your concern, the type of work you have been performing, and brief resumes of your key professional staff.

In many instances the acquisition strategy (full and open, small business set-aside, etc.) reflected in the forecast is designated based upon limited available information about the potential contractor community. Thus it is to your advantage to enlighten the project manager about your status as a small business, HubZone, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business, or 8(a), along with your concern's experience and resources to undertake the requirement. This will provide FHWA valuable information on the extent of interest in our future requirements and assist the technical manager in conducting market research and in recommending an acquisition strategy.

Please be advised that the FHWA does not maintain a source list of potential suppliers. When a competitive requirement is ready for acquisition, it will be synopsized on the GSA Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) web site. I recommend that you monitor FedBizOpps and review each solicitation when it becomes available. If the requirement is set-aside for the 8(a) program, and has a total estimated cost of less than $3,500,000, the FHWA will identify a single candidate firm and coordinate the effort with the Small Business Administration. 8(a) Requirements that exceed $3,500,000 will be competed among 8(a) firms and advertised in FedBizOpps.


Jennifer Johnson
Small Business Advisor
Office of Acquisition Management
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

E-Mail: jennifer.johnson@dot.gov

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