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SHRP2 Implementation Opportunities

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SHRP2 Solutions Strategic Highway Research Program

AASHTO and FHWA Announce Third Round of SHRP2 Implementation Opportunities

Products that will reduce utility conflicts and speed construction, help designers include geotechnical innovations earlier in the process, and improve freight planning are just three of the five products being offered in Round 3 of the Implementation Assistance Program (IAP) as part of the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2). Today, we are pleased to announce that the application process is now open and available for State departments of transportation (DOT), metropolitan planning organizations (MPO), local and tribal agencies, and Federal Lands Highway Divisions.

The online application forms, product details, application tips, and other information are available at the SHRP2 Web site, GoSHRP2. The deadline for submissions is February 14, 2014. Recipients will be announced on March 28. Implementation assistance is available at three participation levels: proof of concept pilot, lead adopter incentive, and user incentive. The five new SHRP2 products are:

  • Freight Demand Modeling and Data Improvement (C20) - Apply Now
    This organizational approach will achieve improved freight data sets and freight modeling practices. Approximately 10 Proof of Concept Pilot opportunities will be available.
  • GeoTechTools (R02) - Apply Now
    This technology selection tool and resource identifies more than 40 geotechnical solutions to common embankment, cut slope, structure/foundation interface, and pavement foundation issues. Five User Incentive opportunities will be available.
  • Precast Concrete Pavement (R05) - Apply Now
    Tools for using precast concrete pavement systems will reduce the duration of construction closures on critical roadways. Five Lead Adopter Incentive opportunities available.
  • Identifying and Managing Utility Conflicts (R15B) - Apply Now
    Improving cooperation among highway agencies and utilities will enable faster project delivery. Six Lead Adopter Incentive opportunities available.
  • Pavement Renewal Solutions (R23) - Apply Now
    Guidelines for using existing pavements in rapid construction will extend pavement life and save money. Five Lead Adopter Incentives and 10 User Incentive opportunities available.

This past December, a series of Webinars were presented to introduce the Round 3 products in detail. These Webinars discussed each product's capabilities, implementation assistance opportunities, application requirements, and more. Recordings of these Webinars are available on the GoSHRP2 Web site. The Transportation Research Board also hosts SHRP2 Tuesdays, a Webinar series providing technical overviews of SHRP2 products.

Thirty-eight States and the District of Columbia have demonstrated their interest in integrating SHRP2 products into their day-to-day business operations through the SHRP2 IAP. Nationally, IAP assistance recipients—including State DOTs, MPOs, and tribal agencies— have begun work on 135 transportation projects using SHRP2 Solutions. These SHRP2 Solutions have been designed to help agencies meet the needs of transportation in the 21st century by offering a variety of technical, planning, environmental, operations, and safety products to improve program delivery.

Innovation is becoming the hallmark of transportation agencies, and SHRP2 products are part of a wider set of innovation solutions that include Every Day Counts-2, Market Ready Technologies, TIG initiatives, and other programs. These programs are all designed to bring a focus on new ideas and better ways to more quickly support the priorities and challenges of transportation agencies. To ensure that these innovations are a good fit for their programs, States are encouraged to use their State Transportation Innovation Councils or similar group, consisting of representatives from all levels of the highway transportation community, to evaluate which innovations are most appropriate.

We urge you to consider the five products highlighted above and to apply for this third round of SHRP2 implementation assistance. If you would like additional information or have questions about the program, please contact Carin Michel, FHWA SHRP2 Implementation Manager at goSHRP2@dot.gov, 410-962-2530, or Pam Hutton, AASHTO SHRP2 Implementation Manager at phutton@aashto.org, 303- 263-1212.

We appreciate your support thus far, and encourage your continued participation in the SHRP2 IAP.

Michael P. Lewis
President, AASHTO
Director, Rhode Island
Department of Transportation

Jeffrey F. Paniati
Executive Director,
Federal Highway Administration

Bud Wright
Executive Director, American
Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


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