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1969 — 1972
Federal Highway Administrator

Engineer — Innovator — Administrator

Francis C. Turner, during his lifelong career with the Bureau of Public Roads, won acclaim for his contributions to both national and international highway programs.

Mr. Turner joined the Bureau of Public Roads in 1929 as a junior highway engineer and began a steady rise through the ranks. Fifteen years later he had acquired such stature that he was detailed to the War Department (1944-1946) as advisor on maintenance of the Alaska Highway. Four years later he served with the distinction as coordinator of the entire Philippine Rehabilitation Program.

Subsequent to this assignment he held several top positions with the Bureau of Public Roads: Deputy Commissioner, Chief Engineer, Assistant Federal Highway Administrator, and Director of the Bureau of Public Roads.

He was named Federal Highway Administrator on February 24, 1969 and was a member of the Task Force that set up the Department of Transportation.

During his tenure as Federal Highway Administrator, new attention was given to the environment, accelerated concern was focused on highway safety, and increased emphasis was placed on the quality of life for people affected by highway construction.

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