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Federal Highway Administration Administrators


1980 — 1981
Federal Highway Administrator

State Highway Engineer — Planner — Transportation Manager

John S. Hassell, Jr., became Associate Administrator for Planning in 1977, Deputy Federal Highway Administrator in 1978, and Administrator on July 11, 1980. Prior to his Federal career, Mr. Hassell served the public as an engineer and planner for the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Under Mr. Hassell's tenure, the Federal Highway Administration:

  • Resolved controversial highway projects consistent with Administration policy so that major sections of the Interstate System could move toward completion.

  • Improved highway safety by emphasizing the importance of safety in all Agency programs.

  • Increased energy conservation by greatly enhancing the ridesharing program, developing and implementing measures to encourage use of high occupancy vehicles, and improving traffic operations through expanded use of Transportation System Management measures.

  • Achieved significant gains in furthering career opportunities for women and minorities throughout the Agency and substantially increased the accomplishments of the Minority Business Enterprise Program.

  • Developed and implemented a management-by-objectives program and implemented the 1979 Civil Services Reform Act to improve the Agency's management and efficiency.

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