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Federal Highway Administration Administrators


1978 — 1980
Federal Highway Administrator

State Highway Commissioner — Magistrate — Business Executive

Karl S. Bowers became Deputy Federal Highway administrator in June 1977 and was appointed Administrator on August 3, 1978.

He came from a highway background, having served as a South Carolina State Highway Commissioner, 1974 to 1977; Vice Chairman of the State Highway and Public Transportation Commission, 1975; and Chairman of the Commission, 1976.

Under Mr. Bower's tenure, the Federal Highway Administration:

  • Accomplished an enviable record in minority recruitment and hiring and in the promotion of the Minority Business Enterprise Program.

  • Made significant strides towards the Congressional mandate to expedite completion of the Interstate System.

  • Emphasized commitment to rehabilitating and repairing the existing highway network.

  • Reduced the inflationary rate in highway construction during 1979 over the previous year, in the face of serious escalating costs.

  • Accomplished its highest level of obligations in history -- $9.3 billion overall, with $8.5 billion for those programs subject to the congressional law.

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