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Date: February 2014


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Infravation Program U.S. Outreach

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February 27, 2014



  1. Welcome

  2. Objectives

  3. Introduction to Infravation

  4. Next Steps

  5. Q&A's


Poll Question #1

  • Who is participating in today's informational web meeting?


2. Objectives

  • Highway construction, operations, management, and maintenance is increasingly international

  • Provide European and U.S. highway researchers opportunity to work directly with each other


Poll Question #2

  • Who has experience with cross national funding?

  • Is your cross national work increasing?


3. Introduction

  • What is Infravation?

    • Infrastructure + Innovation

  • Goal

    • Advancing innovative, near-market materials or processes that will make highway infrastructure last longer, perform more efficiently, and cost less


Scoping Study

  • 2013 U.S. Scan

  • June 2013 Expo

  • Study team assessed emerging technologies


Seven Challenges

  1. Eco-design; resource and energy efficiency in road construction and maintenance

  2. Virgin material reduction by substitution or recycling

  3. Enhanced durability and life-time extension

  4. Rapid and non-destructive methods for routine quality and performance checks of materials and construction

  5. Keeping freight routes open through zero-intrusive maintenance

  6. Ensuring infrastructure performance under all weather conditions

  7. Advanced predictive infrastructure performance processes


Poll Question #3

  • Who is interested in each challenge area?


Program Context

  • Supplements National and EU Road Research Programs

    • National: FHWA EAR Program; France 5th Generation Road, German Road of the 21st Century, etc.

    • EU: FP7, Horizon 2020


Infravation Funding

  • 11 Countries pooled about $13 million (9 million Euros)

    • includes a one-third top-up from the European Commission

    • U.S. funding from Federal Highway Administration


Funding Countries

This is a map showing the United States and Europe with the following countries in blue indicating that they are the funding countries -- the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, France, Italy, Israel and USA


Who can apply for funding?

  • Research organizations, universities, companies or others from:

    • Funding countries i.e. the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, France, Italy, Israel and USA.

    • Remaining EU28 countries (with certain restrictions)

    • Countries associated to FP7 i.e. Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Republic of Moldova (with certain restrictions)



  • Minimum of two independent legal entities established in two of the eligible countries.

  • There is no limit to the maximum number of partners.


Poll Question #4

  • Who already has contacted a partner or partners in another country regarding Infravation?


Infravation Structure

  • Program coordinator

    • Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands

  • Funding partners

  • Scientific panel


4. Next Steps

  • Monday, March 3rd call opens

    • Late March, FHWA 2nd web-based Infravation workshop

  • Two-step process

    • Proposals due Monday, June 30th

    • Accepted proposals provide full information by fall


5. Q&A's



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