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4201 East Arkansas Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 757-9011



4201 East Arkansas Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 757-9011


TO: Jim Daves

Attn: Tom Puto, Operations Engineer

FROM: John Crier, Region 4 RPEM

SUBJECT: Environmental Compliance and Certification for Construction Project Number IR 025-8(999)

An Environmental Assessment was completed for project IR 025-8(999), North of Fort Collins, and the FONSI was signed by FHWA on December 15, 1998. The Final Office Review plans dated February 24, 1999 have been reviewed and mitigation commitments have been addressed. Applicable permits have been obtained. Documentation on completed permits and clearances is on file in the Region 4 office.

cc: Project Manager
Region File
Central Files



James B. Daves
June 16, 1999
Page Two

The Environmental Compliance memo will document consultation with the FHWA on the continued validity of environmental documents prepared for federally-aided Class I and Class III projects as required in 23 CFR 771.129(c). Consultation with FHWA is not required for categorically excluded projects documented with an approved and certified CDOT Form #128.

Very truly yours,

Kenneth M. Gambrill
Office of Environmental Services

I concur

James B. Daves, Division Administrator.   Date: 6/23/99
Federal Highway Administration


June 16, 1999
James B. Daves
Division Administrator
Colorado Division
Federal Highway Administration
555 Zang Street, Room 250
Lakewood, Colorado 80228

RE: Environmental Compliance Certification and Consultation

Dear Mr. Daves:

The Colorado Department of Transportation requests your concurrence in this letter which defines procedures for certifying completion of environmental requirements for Class I (Environmental Impact Statement) and Class III (Environmental Assessment) projects. The Environmental Compliance will certify that all the environmental clearances have been completed and all mitigation commitments are included in the plans.

Prior to any Class I or III federal-aid project being advertised for construction, a memo will be prepared by the Region Planning and Environmental Manager and forwarded to the FHWA Division Administrator (to the attention of the appropriate Operations Engineer). The Environmental Compliance memo will contain the following information (sample attached):

- The EA or EIS project number and name.

- The date the FONSI or ROD was approved.

- A statement that the plans have been reviewed and all mitigation commitments have been adequately addressed. The statement will indicate which plans (FOR, advertisement, etc.) were reviewed and provide the date of these plans.

- A statement that all applicable permits have been obtained. If some permits have not been obtained, a description of any exceptions and a commitment to obtain the required permit(s) prior to project award is required.

- A statement that documentation on completed clearances and permits is on file in the Region office.

- Any additional comments as necessary.

The Department will follow a similar procedure for non federal-aid projects documented with an EA or EIS except the Environmental Compliance memo will be addressed to the Project File, not to FHWA. Copies of each Environmental Compliance memo will also be sent to the Project Manager, Region File, and Central Files.

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