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The purpose of this agreement is to identify and set forth the joint and individual responsibilities and procedures of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) that are applicable to the Public Lands Highway and other Federal-aid Highway Programs.

Whereas, The BLM is responsible for administering and managing lands and resources within its jurisdiction, and

Whereas, The FHWA administers the Federal Lands Highway Program under 23 U.S.C. Sections 201-204, including highways within, adjacent to, or providing access to BLM lands, and

Whereas, Section 1032 of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA), P.L. 102-240, amends the Federal Lands Highway Program, 23 U.S.C. 202 and 204, relative to transportation facilities serving BLM lands,

Therefore: The BLM and the FHWA do hereby mutually agree as follows:

  1. Roles and Responsibilities:

  2. The BLM is the lead agency responsible for identifying access needs to BLM lands based on land use and resource management activities, and the impact of those activities upon existing public road systems.

    The BLM will develop and maintain a list of public roads that provide access to and within BLM lands. This list of roads will be referred to as the Land Management Highway System.

    The FHWA will invite the BLM to attend meetings and conferences where public lands highways and related Federal lands highway programs are discussed.

    The BLM will develop an annual program of administrative activities that supports the Land Management Highways within the Public Lands Highway Program. The program will be submitted to FHWA for review and approval.

    The FHWA will provide the BLM timely information of the annual call for discretionary public lands highway projects. The BLM will work directly with the State highway agencies, and the FHWA as appropriate, in developing candidate projects for funding from the discretionary public lands highway program.

    The BLM will keep the FHWA advised of the status of ongoing activities of the annual program.

    The BLM will provide the FHWA status reports on transportation planning activities, including BLM land and resource management planning. The BLM will provide the States with Federal land and resource management information for use in statewide planning.

    The FHWA will provide to the BLM information and reports pertaining to the Federal Lands Highway Program and other Federal-aid Highway programs.

    The FHWA shall be responsible for presenting budget and program information to the Congress as required. The BLM and the FHWA will cooperate in collecting information and preparing reports as may be required.

    The FHWA will provide obligational (contract) authority to the BLM to perform administrative activities directly related to the Public Lands Highway Program, and as approved in the annual program of administrative activities. Liquidating cash will be transferred to the BLM to cover current administrative expenditures. Requests for cash should be in writing and addresses to the Chief, Finance Division, Office of Fiscal Services, FHWA.

    The BLM shall furnish the following reports and data as indicated:

    1. Monthly SF-133, Report on Budget Execution, reflecting specific financial and budget data for each different type of allocation and overall summary by Treasury Symbol;

    2. Annual TFS-2108, Year-End Closing Statement; and

    3. Other reports as may be required.

  3. General:

The FHWA and BLM personnel are encouraged to consult with each other during performance of the activities of the annual program and to agree on such matters as fall within their scope of responsibility. Matters which require consideration at a higher level should be referred to the appropriate authority in each agency.

This agreement does not abrogate, amend, or modify any other existing agreements between the BLM and the FHWA.

This agreement shall become effective on the date of the last approving signature and will continue in effect until termination by either party upon giving a 60-day written notice.

Renegotiation of any part of this agreement can be initiated at any time by either party.



Original Signed By:
Bureau of Land Management

Original Signed By:
Administrator, Administrator,
Federal Highway Administration

Date 10-29-93 Date 10-29-93

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