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Memorandum of Agreement
Bureau of Land Management
Federal Highway Administration

The purpose of this agreement is to establish the general procedures under which work shall be performed by the Federal Highway Administration, Offices of Federal Highway Projects (hereinafter referred to as FHWA), for the Bureau of Land Management (hereinafter referred to as BLM).

WHEREAS, 23 USC 308 authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to perform engineering and other services in connection with the survey, design, construction, and improvement of highways for other Government agencies, and

WHEREAS, such authority has been delegated to the Federal Highway Administrator, acting through the FHWA, and

WHEREAS, BLM desires to utilize the engineering capability of FHWA as authorized by 31 USC 686(a).

NOW, THEREFORE, the FHWA and the BLM do mutually agree as follows:

  1. Identification of Road Improvements and FHWA Cooperation

  2. The BLM shall be responsible for initiating road improvements including the identification of any necessary planning, economic studies, and surveys; identification of appropriate standards; the purchase of right-of way; all other activities incidental to the development of an annual work program or separate road projects. The FHWA will cooperate with BLM in making its services available to assist BLM with engineering and technical problems associated with the location, design, estimates of cost, construction, and maintenance of roads consistent with the availability of personnel, providing the work can be performed economically and efficiently and without duplication of staff efforts.

  3. Proposed Work

    1. Continuing Programs of Work - In those States where FHWA performs work for BLM on a continuing basis, BLM will arrange an annual meeting with FHWA to discuss and reach agreement on the coming year's program and to make tentative arrangements for the following 2 years.

    2. Project-by-project Work - When it is more practical to arrange for FHWA to perform work on a project-by-project basis, arrangements may be handled by an exchange of correspondence between the BLM and FHWA offices involved:

  4. Joint Field Letters for Individual Projects
  5. The BLM shall initiate a joint field letter to be developed by FHWA and BLM for each project assigned to FHWA. The letter will identify specific responsibilities for each particular project.

  6. Financial Assignments

    1. Transfer of Funds

      1. The BLM shall transfer obligational authority and payment authority by Standard Form 1151, Nonexpenditure Transfer Authorization, to the FHWA for incurrence of obligations and disbursements to cover its cost of preliminary engineering items such as land surveys, soil surveys, environmental analyses, and the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates; project supervision and inspection; other services requested of and performed by the FHWA under this memorandum; and certain overhead and administrative expenses.

      2. The BLM agrees to pay the overhead and administrative support expenses of FHWA necessary for the performance of work performed by FHWA under this agreement.

      3. FHWA shall assign funds to projects to cover approved change orders and ordinary contract overruns to the extent that funds are available. In the event adequate funds are not available, FHWA shall confer with BLM to determine a course of action.
    2. Cost Accounting
    3. FHWA shall maintain cost accounting records of each project undertaken and shall furnish monthly reports to BLM concerning the funds assigned, obligated, expended, and the balance of funds available for obligation.

  7. Triannual Review of Agreement - This agreement will be reviewed every 3 years to determine if changes should be sought.

  8. Upon execution of this agreement, the existing BLM/FHWA agreement covering the revested Oregon and California Railroad and reconveyed Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands in Oregon (O&C lands) dated June 17, 1954, and as amended April 7, 1966, is null and void.


Original Signed By:
Acting Federal Highway Administrator
Date May 5, 1978
Original Signed By:
Acting Associate Director,
Bureau of Land Management
Date June 6, 1978

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