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What is E-CAL?

E-CAL is the Federal Highway Administration's Electronic Centralized Agreement Library that contains documentation on a variety of formal agreements that FHWA has entered into with other organizations. E-CAL provides a single source for agreement information and facilitates updates to agreements on a continuing basis. This initial posting of agreements is not all inclusive and additional agreements are expected to be posted in the future.

What agreements are in E-CAL?

Agreements that have been executed at the Washington Headquarters and Division levels are in E-CAL. The types of agreements include binding relationships, partnerships, commitments and/or arrangements, financial or otherwise, with other administrations within the Department, other Federal agencies, state governments, international governments and other organizations. These agreements are documented in a variety of formats, including Memorandums of Understanding, Partnership Agreements, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), toll agreements, and international agreements.

What agreements are NOT in E-CAL?

To avoid duplication and to maintain the privacy of sensitive documents, agreements involving contracts, grants/cooperative agreements, and interagency agreements that are already documented in the systems maintained by the FHWA Office of Acquisition Management and Office of the Chief Financial Officer are not included in E-CAL.

Are original agreement documents available in E-CAL?

Copies of agreements are accessible for viewing in E-CAL through HTML. There may be some minor formatting differences; however, the content is identical to the original document. The original documents, including signatures, are kept in the sponsoring FHWA program offices.

How will E-CAL be maintained?

The Office of Information and Management Services (HAIM-10) will Maintain E-CAL. Corrections, changes and updates to agreements and documentation should be sent to HAIM-10, 202-366-0948, for review and posting by the Web team. Maintenance responsibility may be transferred to program offices at a later date.

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