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Transportation Asset Management Expert Task Group (TAM ETG)

The next few years will be very dynamic. The TAM ETG will be a great forum for us to consider all viewpoints as we expand the use of asset management. - Butch Wlaschin

Meet the ETG Members

FHWA has established an expert panel to help with identifying strategies to facilitate the implementation of transportation asset management in State Highway Agencies.

Group photo
From left to right: Tom Palmerlee, Carlos Braceras, Brad Allen, Egan Smith, Katie Zimmerman, Tim Henkel, Butch Wlaschin, Omar Smadi, Matthew Hardy, Nastaran Saadatmand, Francine Shaw Whitson, Neil Pedersen, Hyun-A Park, Chris Champion, Moh Lali, Stephen Gaj, Michael Bridges, and Gordon Proctor.


  • Neil Pedersen
  • Tim Henkel
  • Carlos Braceras
  • Michael Bridges
  • Chris Champion
  • Moh Lali
  • Brad Allen
  • Hyun-A Park
  • Gordon Proctor


  • Butch Wlaschin
  • Stephen Gaj
  • Nastaran Saadatmand
  • Egan Smith
  • Francine Shaw Whitson
  • Tom Palmerlee
  • Matthew Hardey

Principal Investigators:

  • Katie Zimmerman
  • Omar Smadi

Potential TAM ETG Activities

  • Develop guidance for agencies in the form of case studies, communities of practice, and so on.
  • Establish definitions and relationships between asset management plans, performance management, and risk-based asset management.
  • Explore national asset management performance metrics and data issues.
  • Foster the development of tools and templates in support of asset management.
  • Define ways to measure system performance improvement.
  • Provide communication tools for executives and the public to promote asset management.
  • Establish descriptions for successful programs.
  • Develop methods for making asset management sustainable within transportation agencies.

TAM ETG Charter

The Transportation Asset Management ETG will:

  • Outline a framework for financially sustainable infrastructure and service delivery, connecting asset management, stewardship, risk management, performance management, and longterm financial planning.
  • Identify strategies to advance asset management practice, influence change within state DOTs, promote partnering with transportation agencies, and address gaps in current policies, guidance and practices related to TAM framework, roles and responsibilities, drivers, tools, and/or workforce skills.
  • Provide input to FHWA, AASHTO, and TRB in terms of the direction, definitions, processes, tools, and templates associated with the implementation of transportation asset management plans in state DOTs.
  • Develop and implement a plan for communicating the work of the TAM ETG to the transportation community.
  • Establish a forum to sustain the work and continue the role of this group.
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Updated: 05/14/2012