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Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
The Ohio Experience

What has Ohio Learned?

Reengineering the department and establishing a comprehensive asset management program has taught ODOT several lessons.

First, it is key to articulate expectations to people, and the most effective way to do that is through performance measures. Establishing the OPI and using this performance-based managerial system to inform key career professionals was a groundbreaking move, but it has served ODOT well.

Second, it is vital to tie engineering functions to the financial management process and track projects accordingly, as ODOT does through Ellis.

Third, establishing the TRAC assisted greatly with asset management by providing a forum for ranking new capacity projects, as did making the commitment to achieve a steady state condition, address system preservation first, and discuss new capacity projects only after all bills are paid.

Ohio's highways are very diverse, ranging from scenic two-lane
highways to urban Interstates through America's heartland.
Photograph taken from a low perspective of the center lane of a two lane road, straddled by trees.

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Updated: 11/07/2012