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Arizona Division

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Staff Directory

4000 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1500
Phoenix, Arizona 85012-3500
Phone: 602-379-3646
Fax: 602-382-8998

ADOT Mail Drop Number: MD-005R (ADOT ONLY)

Contact Name Title E-Mail Phone
Office of Division Administrator
Karla Petty Division Administrator (DA) Karla.Petty@dot.gov 602-379-3646
Randy Everett Assistant Division Administrator (ADA) Randolph.Everett@dot.gov 602-382-8989
Finance/Administrative Team
Roman Moreno Finance Manager Roman.Moreno@dot.gov 602-382-8981
Braye Jombo Finance Specialist Braye.Jombo@dot.gov 602-382-8980
Losa Wilson Administrative Officer Rosa.Wilson@dot.gov 602-382-8988
Caroline Maberry Administrative Assistant Caroline.Maberry@dot.gov 602-379-3646
Project Delivery Team
Tom Deitering Project Delivery Team Leader Thomas.Deitering@dot.gov 602-382-8971
Aryan Lirange Senior Urban Engineer Aryan.Lirange@dot.gov 602-382-8973
Ammon Heier Area Engineer (A1) - Northcentral & Northeast Ammon.Heier@dot.gov 602-382-8983
Sharon Gordon Area Engineer (A2) - Southcentral & Southeast Sharon.Gordon@dot.gov 602-382-8972
Kimberly Utley Area Engineer (A3) - Northwest & Southwest Kimberly.Utley@dot.gov 602-382-8975
Eunice Chan Area Engineer (A4) - Central Eunice.Chan@dot.gov 602-382-8965
System Performance Team
Jennifer Brown Team Leader - System Performance Jennifer.Brown@dot.gov 602-382-8961
Toni Whitfield Operations Engineer Toni.Whitfield@dot.gov 602-382-8960
Marissa Romero Bridge Engineer Marissa.Romero@dot.gov 602-382-8968
Kelly LaRosa Transportation Safety Specialist Kelly.LaRosa@dot.gov 602-382-8991
Martha Solorzano Program Management Analyst (AZ & NM) Martha.Solorzano@dot.gov 602-382-8962
Lisa Neie Civil Rights Specialist (NM & AZ) Lisa.Neie@dot.gov 505-820-2036
Planning, Environment, Air Quality, and Realty (PEAR) Team
Alan Hansen Team Leader - PEAR Alan.Hansen@dot.gov 602-382-8964
Ed Stillings Senior Transportation Planner (Planning Region 1) Ed.Stillings@dot.gov 602-382-8966
Romare Truely Community Planner (Planning Region 2) Romare.Truely@dot.gov 602-382-8978
Rebecca Yedlin Environmental Coordinator (District A-1, A-4) Rebecca.Yedlin@dot.gov 602-382-8979
Tremaine Wilson Environmental Coordinator (District A-2, A-3) Tremaine.Wilson@dot.gov 602-382-8970
Layne Patton Realty Officer (AZ & NM) Layne.Patton@dot.gov 602-382-8974
Regional IT Support
Raquel Bonner Systems Administrator Raquel.Bonner.CTR@dot.gov 602-382-8977
Headquarters (HQ)
Sylvia Grijalva US-Mexico Coordinator (HQ) Sylvia.Grijalva@dot.gov 602-379-3646


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