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Bridge Rail Guide 2005

Section 3:   Metal Tube Bridge Rail

example of a Metal Tube Bridge Rail as mounted along a highway.


Subsection Name Location Test Level
Aluminum Tube Bridge Rails Foothills Parkway Aluminum Bridge Federal Lands TL-2
Standard 1-Bar Metal Rail North Carolina TL-2
Steel Tube Bridge Rails Attached to Bottom of Deck Texas Energy-Absorbing Bridge Rail Texas TL-3
Steel Tube Bridge Rails Attached to Side of Deck California Type 18 California TL-2
California Side Mount Type 115 Rail California TL-2
California Type 116 Rail California TL-2
California Type 117 Rail California TL-2
Illinois 2399-Type Side Mount Illinois TL-4
Oregon 2-Tube Side Mount Oregon TL-4
Steel Tube Bridge Rails Attached to Top of Deck Texas Type 421 Aesthetic Rail Texas TL-2
Washington, DC Historic Bridge Rail Retrofit (Curb Mount) Washington, DC TL-2
Steel Tube Bridge Rails Attached to Parapet Alaska Rail - Curb Mounted Alaska TL-4
California Type 9 (AASHTO BR2) California TL-2
California ST-10 Rail California TL-4
Bridge Railing, Aesthetic Parapet Type BR 27D Michigan TL-4
Minnesota Combination Bridge Rail Design #3 Minnesota TL-4
Type C202 Texas TL-5
Curb Mounted Steel Tube Bridge Rails George Washington Parkway Steel Bridge Rail Federal Lands TL-2
Illinois 2399 - Curb Mount Illinois TL-4
Bridge Railing, 2 Tube Michigan TL-4
NETC 2-Rail Curb-Mounted Railing New England TL-4
Two-Rail Barrier New York TL-4
Three-Rail Barrier Top Deck Flush Mount New York TL-4
Four-Rail Barrier New York TL-4
Five-Rail Barrier New York TL-4
Steel Tube Bridge Rails Attached to Curb Oregon 2-Tube Curb Mount Oregon TL-2
Oregon 3-Tube Curb Mount Oregon TL-4
Wyoming 2-Tube Steel Railing Wyoming TL-4
Wyoming 2-Tube, Curb-Mounted Wyoming TL-3

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Updated: 09/25/2014

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