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Bridges & Structures

High Performance Steel Designers' Guide

5.0 Availability and Cost

5.1 Availability

Currently, HPS 50W and HPS 70W steels are available in plates only in thicknesses shown in Table 2.2.1. Steel producers will welcome inquiry for custom orders of special sizes. The delivery time is approximately 6 to 10 weeks depending on market demand.

Based on industry information, the steel industry has responded to a market demand of over 400,000 tons of steel bridge fabrication in 1999 and 2000. The industry capacity for steel production is expected to be much greater in 2001 and beyond. Steel producers are well positioned to meet the growing demands for HPS in the years ahead.

5.2 Cost

The approximate unit prices for materials, fabricated members and in-place cost of steel structures are shown below:

  Material Fabricated In-Place
Grade 50W $0.35-0.42/lb. $0.55-0.62/lb. $1.00-1.25/lb.
HPS 50W $0.42-0.50/lb. $0.63-0.71/lb. $1.15-1.40/lb.
HPS 70W Q&T $0.48-0.60/lb. $0.75-0.83/lb. $1.18-1.50/lb.
HPS 70W TMCP $0.45-0.57/lb. $0.70-0.78/lb. $1.15-1.45/lb.

The actual unit cost for a project is expected to vary from region to region, from structure to structure depending on complexity, and to change based on market conditions. For the most current information, contact NSBA.

5.3 Producers
Presently, the following three manufacturers produce HPS steels:

  • Bethlehem-Lukens Plate
    Modena Road
    Coatesville, PA 19320 and
    Box 248
    Chesterton, IN 46304
    Contact Person: Alex Wilson
    Phone: 610-383-3105
    E-Mail: alex.wilson@bethsteel.com

  • Oregon Steel Mills
    14400 N Rivergate Boulevard
    Portland, OR 97203
    Contact Person: Joe Rosmus
    Phone: 503-978-6139
    E-Mail: rosmusj@osm.com

  • U.S. Steel
    Plate Products, M.S. 42A
    One North Broadway
    Gary, IN 46402
    Contact Person: Mance Parks
    Phone: 219-888-1822
    E-Mail: mhparks@USS.com

The following industry organizations are very helpful in providing technical information regarding the design, specifications and fabrication of steel bridges using high performance steels:

  • American Institute of Steel and Iron (AISI)
    Contact Persons: Dan Snyder
    Phone: (202)452-7100
    E-Mail: DSnyder@steel.org

    Roy Teal, Consultant
    Phone: 518-283-7278
    E-Mail: royteal@aol.com

  • National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA)
    Contact Persons: Arun Shirole, Executive Director
    Phone: 612-591-9099
    E-Mail: shirole@aiscmail.com

    Lynn Iaquinta, Regional Director (Western States)
    Phone: 509-926-9507
    E-Mail: iaquinta@aiscmail.com

These plate producers and industry organizations can best provide the latest project specific information on availability, delivery schedule and cost.

5.4 Suppliers and Fabricators

It is important that the designers establish open communication with the local suppliers and the fabricators of HPS steels. The communication should start from preliminary design to final design and PS&E. This open communication between parties with specific knowledge and experience will lead to cost effective design and successful construction. The latest information on availability and cost can best be obtained from local suppliers and fabricators when the PS&E is almost complete and the Engineer's Cost Estimate is being prepared.

The following industry representatives have extensive experience on the development and application of HPS. They will be happy to help designers with questions on HPS materials, fabrication and welding:

  • Alexander Wilson, Customer Technical Service Manager, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and Chairman of the High Performance Steel Steering Committee
    Phone: 610-383-3105 E-Mail: alex.wilson@bethsteel.com

  • Duane Miller, Manager, Engineering Services, Lincoln Electric Company
    Phone: 216-383-2196 E-Mail: duane_miller@lincolnelectric.com

  • Scott Kopp, Welding Technician, High Steel Structures, Inc.
    Phone: 717-390-4232 E-Mail: skopp@high.net

5.5 FHWA

The following individuals from FHWA can also provide information on research, design, fabrication and construction for cost effective use of HPS:

5.6 State Departments of Transportation

The following State Departments of Transportation have completed HPS steel bridges and have performance experience to share with the designers:

  • Lyman Freemon, Bridge Engineer, Nebraska Department of Roads/Bridge Division
    Phone: 402-479-4701 E-Mail: lfreemon@dor.state.ne.us

  • Edward Wasserman, Civil Engineering Director, Division of Structures, Tennessee Department of Transportation
    Phone: 615-741-3351 E-Mail: epwasserman@mail.state.tn.us

  • Scott Christie, Chief Bridge Engineer, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    Phone: 717-787-2881 E-Mail: rschristie@hotmail.com

  • James O'Connell, Deputy Chief Engineer (Structures), New York State Department of Transportation
    Phone: 518-457-6827 E-Mail: joconnell@gw.dot.state.ny.us

  • Peter Stapf, New York State Thruway Authority, Structural Design Bureau
    Phone: 518-436-2928 E-Mail: peter_stapf@thruway.state.ny.us

  • Ralph Anderson, Engineer of Bridges and Structures, Illinois Department of Transportation
    Phone: 217-782-2124 E-Mail: andersonre@nt.dot.state.il.us

5.7 Academia

The following researchers/professors are actively involved in HPS applied research:

  • Atorod Azizinamini, Director, National Bridge Research Organization (NaBRO)
    Phone: 402-472-5106 E-Mail: aazizi@unlserve.unl.edu

  • John Fisher, Co-Director, ATLSS Center
    Phone: 610-758-3535 E-Mail: jwf2@lehigh.edu

  • Dennis Mertz, Associate Professor, University of Delaware
    Phone: 302-831-2735 E-Mail: mertz@ce.udel.edu

  • Yoni Adonyi, Professor, LeTourneau University
    Phone: 903-233-3241 E-Mail: adonyiy@letu.edu

5.8 Websites

The following websites contain a wealth of information on research, design, fabrication, construction, committee and advisory group activities, conferences and other technical aspects of HPS. They also link to other websites for additional information.

  • The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Website:

  • FHWA, Office of Bridge Technology Website:

  • National Bridge Research Organization (NaBRO), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, website:
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