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Bridges & Structures

IBRC FY 2005 Awards

StateProject Name/LocationInnovative Material(s)Bridge Element(s)Approved FY 2005 Funding
ALB.B. Comer Southbound BridgeSelf Consolidating ConcretePiles$ 400,000
ARState Highway 49 over I40High Performance SteelGirders-Steel Plate$ 282,000
CAUS 395 over LA aqueductFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 400,000
CADel Amo Ave BridgeFRP OtherOther$ 200,000
CTPearl Harbor Memorial BridgeHigh Performance ConcreteGirders-Concrete Box$ 255,000
DEIndian River Inlet BridgeOtherOther$ 300,000
FLHillsboro Canal BridgeFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 300,000
GAI-85 NB Ramp over SR 34High Performance ConcreteGirders-Concrete I-Beams$ 265,000
HIHonolua Stream BridgeFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 300,000
IA24th Street over I-80/I-29 in Council BluffsHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 400,000
IAKentucky Ave. over branch of Otter CreekHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 400,000
IDState Highway 200 over Mosquito CreekOtherDeck Slab$ 151,000
ILPleasant Ridge Road over Little Canteen CreekFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 305,000
IN38th Street over I-465High Performance ConcreteOther$ 400,000
KSRS 17 over STREAMFRP BeamGirders- FRP Box Beam$ 400,000
KYI-65 over Main StreetFRP OtherGirders-Steel Plate$ 260,000
KYGalloway Road over N. Elkhorn Cr.FRP RebarDeck Slab$ 240,000
KYGalloway Road over N. Elkhorn Cr.Solid Stainless Steel RebarsDeck Slab$ 95,000
KYKY 714 over Jeptha CreekOtherGirders-Concrete I-Beams$ 150,000
LAAmite River Bridge and ApproachesOtherAbutments$ 400,000
LAMPRR BridgeOtherGirders-Concrete I-Beams$ 200,000
LACaminada Bay BridgeFRP RebarDeck Slab$ 200,000
LADoe Slough Canal Bridge and ApproachedHigh Performance ConcreteSubstructure$ 200,000
MALong Hill Road over CSX R.R.Self Consolidating ConcreteSuperstructure$ 110,000
MABridge to HQ ComplexHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 346,730
MDUS 40 over Licking CreekCoating/PaintSuperstructure$ 400,000
MENew Mills BridgeOtherDeck Slab$ 400,000
MEWando-Hancock Bridge, Rt. 1 over Penobscot RiverFRP Cable StaysCables$ 150,000
MIM-153 (Ford Road) under GreenfieldHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 120,000
MNDiamond Lake Road over I-35WOtherDeck Slab$ 200,000
MORt. 150 over RR & Big CreekHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 225,000
MOPat Daly Road over Arnault BranchFRP Bonded ReinforcementDeck Slab$ 190,000
MTI-15/I-90 over BNSF RRHigh Performance SteelGirders-Steel Box$ 362,000
NCSR1523 over Smithwick CreekHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 400,000
NCNC 58 over Intracoastal WaterwayFRP RebarFender Systems$ 200,000
NCUS 19 over SR1781OtherDeck Slab$ 150,000
NEWagon Tongue CreekHigh Performance SteelGirders-Steel Box$ 400,000
NEWagon Tongue CreekHigh Performance SteelGirders-Steel Plate$ 150,000
NHNewbury Road over Connecticut RiverHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 400,000
NJAlexander Road over AmtrakSelf Consolidating ConcreteSubstructure$ 400,000
NMI-25 Frontage Road over Wolf CreekHigh Performance ConcreteSuperstructure$ 200,000
NMNM 161 over Cebolla CreekHigh Performance ConcreteSuperstructure$ 190,000
NYCounty Road 23OtherSubstructure$ 385,000
NYIves Street Road over Mill CreekOtherSubstructure$ 107,000
NY28th Creek Road over 28th CreekClad Stainless Steel RebarsDeck Slab$ 377,000
NYCR 30 over Roaring BrookFRP RebarReinforced Slab Bridge$ 100,000
OHWalker Bridge, Irish Run over Leith RunFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 241,000
OHCasebeer-Miller Road over tributary of South Fork Gordon CreekFRP BeamDeck Slab$ 100,000
OHFA-114-01.64 over streamFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 84,000
OKSH-56 over Little Green Leaf CreekOtherDeck Slab$ 400,000
ORI-84 over Fifteenmile CreekOtherOther$ 400,000
ORI-84 over Mosier CreekHigh Performance SteelGirders-Steel Plate$ 300,000
ORI-84 over Herman CreekOtherPier Caps$ 110,000
PACalifornia Ave. over Ohio River BlvdCoating/PaintGirders-Steel Plate$ 185,300
PASR 45 over Tributary to Buffalo CreekFRP Bonded ReinforcementDeck Slab$ 200,000
PASR 15 over Johnson Creek and SR 2016OtherDeck Slab$ 150,000
PAFogelsonger Road BridgeOtherGirders-Glulam$ 400,000
PRBridge over Toita CreekGalvanizingDeck Slab$ 100,000
RIGarden Street over I-95OtherAbutments$ 390,000
SCBridge over CXS & Southern RROtherDeck Slab$ 400,000
SD(Structure will be identified before lab testing)Self Consolidating ConcreteCulvert$ 150,000
TXAll future precast segmental concrete bridge constructionCoating/MetalizingSuperstructure$ 150,000
TXFM1660 over Cottonwood CreekOtherSuperstructure$ 300,000
TXIH 40 WBCoating/PaintDeck Slab$ 117,576
TXIH35 UnderpassesOtherSuperstructure$ 57,362
TXChacon Creek BridgeCoating/PaintAbutments$ 6,150
UTF-54, F-156 and C846OtherSubstructure$ 250,000
VACanton Road over Canton CreekFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 400,000
VARoute 16 over Fox CreekHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 400,000
VARoute 28 over Broad RunHigh Performance ConcreteSubstructure$ 350,000
VTRoute 50 over Ottauquechee RiverOtherGirders-Concrete Box$ 200,000
VTBridge 2, ReadsboroOtherGirders-Concrete Box$ 200,000
WAI-90 Twoway Transit ProjectSelf Consolidating ConcretePiles$ 400,000
WISTH 35 over Tamarack CreekOtherSubstructure$ 400,000
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