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PBES/ABC Peer Exchange

The PBES peer exchanges are regional forums comprised of bridge practitioners from State and Local Agencies, Contractors, Suppliers, Academia, and Government Officials in the sharing of bridge practices using PBES in each region.

The gatherings provide a forum to discuss PBES strategies in the areas of planning, engineering, materials, research, contracting, and construction. The goal for each exchange is to promote the benefits of PBES through education and application, and to seek out opportunities to improve upon the methods that are used for implementation.

The Northeast Region Peer Exchange was held July 31 – August 3, 2012 in Boston MA. The Southeast Region and Northwest Region Peer Exchanges will be scheduled later this year


PBES are structural components of a bridge that are either built off site, or adjacent to the site, in a manner to reduce the onsite construction and mobility impact times that can adversely impact the traveling public. Because of their versatility, PBES can be used to address many common site and constructability issues. Remote site locations, limited construction seasons, material availability, and consistent quality in workmanship present opportunities where the use of PBES can provide more practical and economical solutions over conventional construction practices. Use of PBES has demonstrated proven benefits to agency owners, contractors, and the traveling public. Compared to conventional construction methods it is faster, safer, lowers mobility impacts, provides better quality, lowers cost, and is easily adaptable to many site conditions.

Southwest Region

Date: 2013


Industry Organization Presentations

Government Presentations

State DOT Presentations

Supplier Presentations

Mid-North Region

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Date: May 1-3, 2012


Industry Organization Presentations

Government Presentations

State DOT Presentations

Supplier Presentations

Northeast Region

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Date: July 31-August 3, 2012


Industry Organization Presentations

Government Update Presentations

Special Topic Presentations

Supplier and Resource Presentations

Day 3 Presentations

NEXT Beam Installation - Route 19 Bridge in Brimfield:

Massachusetts SPMT Bridge Moves:

Equipment and Planning for SPMT Moves:


Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: November 13-16, 2012


  • November 12 - Travel Day
    • DAY 1 (November 13): Scan Tour limited session and Owner Agency Exchange closed session
    • DAY 2 (November 14): Industry Day open session
    • DAY 3 (November 15): Design and Construction Exchange open session
    • DAY 4 (November 16): Roundtable Discussion (1/2 day) closed session
  • NOVEMBER 16 – TRAVEL DAY (afternoon)
    • Day 1 – Scan Tour limited session and Owner Agency Exchange closed session The morning session will begin with a scan tour of WADOT projects that have been built in an accelerated manner using various types of PBES technologies. This is an open session but is limited to seating availability. After the scan tour, the group will reconvene to present to one another "Owner Agency presentations." These presentations will provide an overview and better insight into the level of PBES implementation occurring within the region. A presentation framework will be provided.
    • Day 2 – Industry Day open session Presenters from the construction, fabrication, engineering, academia, and other related industries will showcase and discuss projects, products and services that are available for PBES implementation. "Special Topic" presentations provided by the Owner Agency Representatives or by their Delegates are also provided on this day. See below for additional information on "Special Topic" presentations.
    • Day 3 – Design and Construction Exchange open session WADOT will provide detailed insight into their PBES/ABC projects from the perspective of the engineers and contractors who were directly involved in these projects. Each presentation will provide an overview of the project, the designer’s challenges and successes, and the contractor’s challenges and successes. A short Q&A discussion with the group will occur after each project presentation.
      Day 3 will take place at the campus facilities of Washington State University and will include a tour of their structures lab. A networking event provided by our Industry Sponsors will also be held later that evening.
    • Day 4 - Roundtable Discussion closed session This will be a ½ day roundtable discussion with the Owner Agencies. Information from the "Roundtable Discussion Guide" (click here to access the guide) and the previous days' events will be discussed. The purpose of the roundtable is to share thoughts and ideas on implementing PBES practices. This session is open to State DOT and FHWA Delegates only.


  • SEPTEMBER 5, 2012
    Pre-coordination webinar
    2:00-3:00 p.m. EST
    Webinar room link
  • OCTOBER 22, 2012
    Hotel reservation deadline
  • OCTOBER 29, 2012
    Final coordination webinar
    2:00-3:00 p.m. EST
    Webinar room link
  • NOVEMBER 2, 2012
    Roundtable Discussion Guide and Final Presentations submitted electronically.
    Please refer to the "Delegates and Presenters" tab above to upload your materials.


Prior to the exchange, an electronic Roundtable Discussion Guide and an Owner Overview PowerPoint Framework are to be completed by the State DOT and FHWA Division Delegates in a collaborative manner.

The Roundtable Discussion Guide is used to compile regional practices on the use of PBES. It will be used to help prepare a regional presentation for the group and as an aid for the facilitated roundtable discussions on Day 4.

Roundtable Discussion Guide [online version]

Below is the Roundtable Discussion Guide in PDF format. If you wish, you may download and print this PDF (16 pages) and compile your responses as preparation for completing the Discussion Guide online (found at the link above). This PDF is for the purpose of preparing your responses. Because of the "skip logic" functions enabled in the online version, the PDF file alone should not be used to complete the Discussion Guide. After preparing your responses, please visit the link above to complete the Discussion Guide online.

Roundtable Discussion Guide [PDF]

The Owner Overview PowerPoint Framework is provided as a guideline for Owner Agency presentations (typically, 20-30 minutes) that will be given on Day 1 and can be uploaded as noted in the section below.

Owner Agency Special Topic presentations are an opportunity for Owners to share additional insights to success stories and challenges on particular projects, programs, policies, and products that implement PBES. A Special Topic presentation typically runs 20-30 minutes and can be given on any of the open or closed days of the peer exchange. Please indicate on the registration form if you, as an Owner Agency, have an interest in delivering a Special Topic presentation.

Owner Overview PowerPoint Framework [PPT]

Updated: 09/26/2012

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