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Bridges & Structures

FHWA Bridge/Hydraulics/Geotechnical Engineers Contact Information

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Office of Bridges and Structures (HIBS-1)
Name Title Telephone Location
Joey Hartmann Director 202-366-4599 E75-318
Linda Baker Program Support Assistant 202-366-4851 E75-313
Structural Engineering Team (HIBS-10)
Brian Kozy Team Leader 202-493-0341 E75-320
Vacant Senior Tunnel Engineer
Vacant Senior Bridge Engineer
Raj Ailaney Senior Bridge Engineer 202-366-6749 E75-314
Bill Bergeson Senior Tunnel Engineer 202-366-4847 E75-113
Steve Ernst Safety and Security/Bridge-Tunnels 202-366-4619 E75-336
Lubin Gao Load Rating Engineer 202-366-4604 E75-115
Reggie Holt Senior Bridge Engineer 202-366-4596 E75-109
Phil Yen Principal Bridge Engineer 202-366-5604 E75-107
Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering Team (HIBS-20)
Joe Krolak Team Leader 202-366-4611 E75-322
Brian Beucler Hydraulics Engineer 202-366-4598 E75-119
Michelle Cribbs Highway Engineer 202-366-8792 E75-327
Dave Henderson Sr. Hydraulic Engineer, Scour 202-493-0520 E73-451
Minnie Long Transportation Specialist 202-366-8791 E75-121
Khalid Mohamed Geotechnical Engineer 202-366-0886 E73-123
Silas Nichols Geotechnical Engineer 202-366-1554 E75-328
Jennifer Nicks** E76-109
Structures Safety, Preservation, and Management Team (HIBS-30)
Shay Burrows Team Leader 202-366-4675 E75-324
Vacant Senior Bridge Preservation Engineer 202-366-8501
Vacant Transportation Specialist 202-366-1575
Vacant Senior Bridge Inspection Engineer 202-366-4654
Doug Blades Inspection/ Program Support 202-366-4622 E75-130
Barry Brecto Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 360-753-9556 WA Div. Off.
Derek Constable Bridge Management Engineer 202-366-4606 E73-125
Tom Drda Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 919-747-7011 NC Div. Off.
Fernando Luna Structural Engineer 202-366-4621 E75-123
Everett Matias Senior Bridge Engineer 202-366-6712 E75-124
Jon Nekritz Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 708-283-3535 IL RC
John Thiel Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 202-366-8795 E75-128
Updated: 10/08/2014
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