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  • Transcending

    The sculpture "Transcending" by David Barr and fellow sculptor Sergio DeGiusti consists of two steel half arcs with bronze reliefs and honors Detroit's labor movement.

  • Daffodils in Downtown Detroit

    A warm spring day brings out daffodils and diners in Detroit.

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  • Cranbrook Academy Sculpture Garden on Woodward Avenue

    The Cranbrook Academy sculpture garden located on Woodward Avenue, covered with a blanket of winter snow.

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  • Diego Rivera Mural at the Detroit Institute of Arts

    Visitors to the Detroit Institute of Arts marvel at the amazing mural by Mexican artist Diego Rivera.

  • Detroit Historical Museum

    A drugstore is part of a small Main Street in this life-size exhibit inside the Detroit Historical Museum.

  • Lady and Apple

    One of the bronze nudes at Cranbrook Academy of Art is of a Grecian lady holding an apple.

  • Waiting for a Boat Ride

    Eager travelers wait in front of a statue on the riverfront for their boat ride. Behind them rises the Detroit skyline.

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  • General Motors Building

    The sleek towers of the General Motors Building reflect surrounding buildings in downtown Detroit. General Motors Global Headquarters consists of 5 dramatic glass cylinders - the center being the tallest at 72 floors.

  • International Freedom Festival Fireworks

    America's largest fireworks display takes place during the Detroit-Windsor International Freedom Festival.

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  • Laughing Boy at Festival of the Arts

    A child laughs during a performance at the Festival of the Arts in Detroit.

  • Comerica Park

    The new baseball stadium for the Detroit Tigers is located just south of the Fisher Freeway. The stadium will open in April, 2000.

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  • Ice Skating on Campus Martius

    Skaters glide past a Christmas tree standing at one end of an outdoor ice arena in Campus Martius in downtown Detroit.

  • Fireworks at the Freedom Festival

    Bright fireworks illuminate the night sky above the Detroit River and downtown Detroit.

  • A Tall Greeting at the State Fair

    Two costumed people at the Michigan State Fair stand high on stilts to greet fairgoers.

  • American Flags in Greektown

    Strings of flags line the street in the Greektown area of Detroit while banners announce its 100th Anniversary.

  • Hanging Glass Kites

    Inside the Compuware Corporation Headquarters building in Detroit hangs a water "fountain," consisting of 15 colorful glass kites. At more than 14 stories tall, this fountain is the largest indoor hanging glass sculpture in the world.

  • Stretching for a Hold

    A young girl stretches for a hold on the rock climbing wall at Comerica TasteFest, held at the New Center in Detroit.

  • I Want That One!

    Children let their parents know their choice among the many foods offered at the TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Serving Up Drinks at the Town Pump

    A smiling bartender for the Town Pump pours a fruit juice into a cup for a customer at the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Festival Night Lights

    A brightly-lit ferris wheel is the centerpiece of this night shot from the stands at the Woodward Avenue Arts, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac.

  • Grilling the Kabobs in Detroit

    One of the cooks turns the skewered meats and vegetables on the grill at Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Dog, Car and Driver

    A white dog sits in the passenger seat of a silver open-top car during a drive at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Peering into Another World

    Two visitors look closely to spot the amphibians in this live exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Fox Theater

    Two sphinxes and a neon sign in Egyptian style grace the front of the Fox Theater in Detroit.

  • Skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

    The skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the exhibits inside the Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum.

  • Red Wings Victory Parade down Woodward Avenue

    Through a canyon of skyscrapers one can see the 2008 Red Wings Stanley Cup Victory Parade and some of the 1million people that came to celebrate. The Skyline on the other side of the river is Canada, one of the only locations where Canada is actually south of the United States. The park at the foot of Woodward Avenue, Hart Plaza, is where the Ford Motor Company was established in the offices of what was a coal yard of Alexander Malcomson, an investor. This same general location was the end of the road for the slaves taking the Underground Railroad to freedom in Canada and where French explorer Cadillac landed and established the City of Detroit over 300 years ago.

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