Stevens Pass Greenway

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  • Cascade Mountains and Valley

    Majestic pines and gently sloping hills encase the road leading into the Cascade Mountains of Washington state.

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  • Iron Goat Trail Cascade Tunnel

    Visitors walk through the 100-year old railroad tunnel.

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  • Peshastin Orchards

    Clouds hover over the Cascades in the spring when the orchards are in full bloom.

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  • Leavenworth Accordian Players

    Willkommen! A group of accordian players perform in front of an old fashion beer wagon as part of a festival located in the town of Leavenworth.

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  • Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

    Trees dot the top of the rugged peaks at Peshastin Pinnacles. In the foreground are the ordered rows of a pruned vineyard.

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  • Leavenworth Ski Hill and Jump

    In the past, competing jumpers climbed up the walkway on their way to the starting point of the ski jump.

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  • The Little Chapel

    Visitors will come across this quaint chapel along the wayside of the byway.

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  • Wintery Sleigh Ride

    Families enjoy the beauty of a winter wonderland on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

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  • Bountiful Harvest

    Find multiple varieties of colorful, fresh apples at local markets and farm stands during the fall harvest season.

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  • View of Wenatchee

    The city of Wenatchee lies at the base of mountains at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia Rivers in the heart of Washington State.

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  • Near Wallace Falls State Park

    On the way to Wallace Falls State Park, clouds hover over the mountains, creating a misty atmosphere..

  • Skykomish River

    Water tumbles over rocks along the Skykomish River.

  • Fish Lake

    Mountains covered with forests surround Fish Lake .

  • Heybrook Lookout Tower from Below

    From this angle, one truly gets a sense of the height of this lookout. A blue sky and cloud hover above.

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  • Heybrook Lookout among Washington Greenery

    The Heybrook Lookout stands tall amid the bright greens typical of Washington. A dog looks back to its owner, as if to ask, "what's the hold up?"

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  • Field by Stevens Pass Greenway

    Autumn color tints a field along the Stevens Pass Greenway.

  • Lake Wenatchee

    A dock can be seen through evergreens at Lake Wenatchee.

  • Art Gallery in Startup

    The tower of the Startup Art Gallery is starkly visible against the cloudy sky..

  • A Boat on Fish Lake

    Visitors explore the clear waters of Fish Lake.

  • Along the Stevens Pass Greenway

    Mountains can clearly be seen from the road along the Stevens Pass Greenway.