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Technical Reviews Checklist

The Microsoft Word version of this checklist is an editable form that can be used to support process reviews.

Process Checklist
Are all the bases covered? Yes No Not Applicable Comments
Was a review plan developed for the project?        
Did the plan contain:        
  • The number or frequency of the reviews?
  • The process for carrying out each review?
  • Roles identified for each review?
  • Level of formality identified for each review?
Was a technical review agenda developed and distributed well ahead of the scheduled meeting date?        
Was all the supporting and background material generated and distributed to the attendees well ahead of the scheduled meeting date [per the plan]?        
Were the attendees and their roles identified or defined [per the plan]?        
Were the time and location identified?        
Were the purpose and outcomes identified?        
Were all unresolved assignments, identified in the previous meeting, brought forward to the upcoming meeting?        
Has the location of the technical review been checked out for size, climate, configuration, equipment, furniture, noise, and lighting?        
Are all the presenters well prepared for the meeting?        
Were the ground rules for the meeting discussed before the start of discussion?        
Did the meeting start on time?        
Were introductions made by all attendees?        
Was an attendance roster created for the meeting with up to date contact information for each attendee?        
Was the purpose of the meeting clearly stated and what are the expected outcomes?        
Was an updated agenda provided for each attendee with the priorities assigned for each agenda item?        
Was each agenda item concluded before discussing the next or other items?        
Were all decisions, assignments, and actions documented as part of the minutes and summarized at the end of the meeting?        
Did the meeting end on time?        
Were the minutes distributed to the attendees?        
Were all critical assignments followed up between meetings?        


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