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Technology Deployment

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ITS in Work Zones:

Highway engineering organizations and the motoring public are requiring timely, accurate, and readily accessible information on the extent of congestion in the vicinity of construction work zones. To that extent, Caltrans and FHWA are partnering on a new initiative that incorporates the latest ITS technology in work zones called Automated Work Zone Information System (AWIS).

The general premise of the system is: (1) gathering traffic data from multiple locations on all approaches; (2) analyzing the data in real-time to determine current traffic conditions, compute speed differentials, and predict delay; and (3) providing motorists with accurate, time-stamped, information which include speed differentials, delay, and alternate route advisories.

By reducing speed differentials, construction worker and motorist safety will be improved. Smoothing and controlling traffic on the primary and alternate routes will also reduce congestion. Rear-end crashes are expected to be reduced as well as road rage from drivers who don't know what to expect.

Variations of AWIS have been deployed around the county and have shown promising results. Caltrans and FHWA hope the same can be incorporated as part of work zones in California to help improved mobility and safety.


Bridge Rail Guide

The FHWA, California Divsion is currently working with Caltrans and DOT's across the country to develop a bridge rail guide. The document will include a comprehensive list of crash tested, accepted bridge rails from across the country. The publication should be completed this spring. it will be available for download from the FHWA Bridge Technology website. More information.


Geophysics and Non-Destructive Testing of Drilled Shafts:

Use of both of these technologies by State DOTs across the country has been on the rise for the past few years. In an effort to provide assistance to States and other Transportation Partners, FHWA has completed a number of efforts in this area. These efforts include the following:

Other Transportation Entities are involved in this effort. Click the links below for more information on their websites:

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