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Pavement Design and Rehab. Committee

For over fifteen years this committee has developed policy changes regarding pavement design, materials, maintenance/rehabilitation strategies to Caltrans materials, design, and construction personnel throughout the state. Many of these policy changes are driven by new technology and materials. This committee meets on a monthly-to-quarterly basis, depending on the pending issues and availability of members.

In 1994 the PDRC adopted a charter with the following mission statement: "...to provide knowledge on and influence Caltrans management decisions relating to pavement structural section design, rehabilitation, construction and maintenance issues on the state highway system..." The PDRC provides a multi-functional forum for pavement structural section issues. Success is measured through modifications and improvements to pavement structural section design and rehabilitation methods, construction techniques, and maintenance practices vis-a-vis state-of-the-practice materials, methods and technologies. The PDRC considers, adopts, and makes recommendations for implementation to Caltrans management. More specifically the PDRC may:

The 55,000 lane-miles and 25,000 bridges on the state highway system are the most visible indications to the traveling public how their transportation dollars are spent. In road user surveys the public has repeatedly stated their top priorities are condition of the pavements and safety. With that in mind, the development of pavement structural section design, rehabilitation, construction, and maintenance standards and polices should be developed and revised as necessary to minimize disruption to the road users and limit exposure of road workers to traffic.

The PDRC serves at the discretion of their Steering Committee, comprised of Deputy Directors of Project Development, Maintenance and Operations and the Director of the Engineering Service Center. Caltrans' responsibility is limited to the state highway system, yet many local agencies and consultants throughout the state use Caltrans manuals and polices.

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