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Civil Rights


Subject: ACTION: Contact Data Regarding
Minority Institutions of Higher Education
(MIHEs) and Historically Black Colleges
and Universities (HBCUs)
(Reply Due 6/30/10)
Date: May 11 2010

From: Allen Masuda Allen Masuda's Signature
Associate Administrator for Civil Rights

In Reply Refer to: HCR-1

To: Division Administrators

[PDF Version, 51.70KB]

Ms. Joyce Gottlieb, Program Analyst for the FHWA Office of Civil Rights (HCR) is HCR's MIHE Program Coordinator and has been tasked with the following:

  1. Develop effective strategies for outreach programs to the MIHE.
  2. Develop and use a communication tool kit to establish broad and sustained outreach efforts to the MIHE.
  3. Increase the MIHE involvement and expand opportunities for MIHE students pursuing transportation careers by helping the FHW A to promote participation in the Dwight David Eisenhower Fellowship Program, the Summer Transportation Internship Program for Diverse Groups (STIPDG), the National Summer Transportation Institute, and the Transportation and Civil Engineering Careers Program.
  4. Encourage existing partners to collaborate and involve other MIHE in their FHW A activities, and identify potential new partners to do the same; and
  5. Develop and/or facilitate periodic workshops to bring representatives ofMIHE not working with FHW A together with FHW A representatives and State partners.

To support the FHWA's and Ms. Gottlieb's efforts, I am requesting your assistance in identifying the individual(s) responsible for managing and/or coordinating the Federal and State MIHE/HBCU Programs in your State. Please provide the individual(s) name, title, telephone number, and email address, and send this information electronically to Ms. Gottlieb at joyce.gottlieb@.dot.gov by June 30th.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact Ms. Gottlieb directly at 202-366-3664, or email her at the address above.

Thank you for your assistance.


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