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Civil Rights

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Civil Rights

FY 2010 National Summer Transportation Institute Program
Host Site Directory

AL | AZ | CA | CO | DC | DE | GA | ID | IL | KS | KY | LA | ME | MD | MA | MI | MN
MS | MO | MT | NC | NJ | NM | NV |OH | OK | PR | RI | SC | TN | TX | VT | VA | WV | WI

FY 2010 National Summer Transportation Institute Program
Host Site Directory
FHWA Civil Rights Headquarters
Contact Information
Name: Ann Wicks
Title: Program Manager
Phone: 202-366-2213
E-mail: ann.wicks@dot.gov
Alabama University of Alabama - Huntsville
Huntsville, AL
Project Director:  Sampson E. Gholston
Phone:  256-824-7310
E-mail: gholston@ise.uah.edu
Name: Samuel Martin
Phone: 334-242-6942
E-Mail: martins@dot.stste.al.us
Name: Charles Calloway
Phone: 334-223-7394
E-Mail: charles.calloway@dot.gov
University of West Alabama
Livingston, AL
Project Director: John McCarter
Phone: 205-652-3857
E-Mail: jmccarter@uwa.edu
ArIZONA Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
Project Director: Lauren Majure
Phone: 480-965-8258
E-Mail: lauren.majure@asu.edu
Name: Eddie Edison
Phone: 602-712-7761
E-Mail: eedison@azdot.gov
Name: Lisa Neie
Phone: 505-820-2036
E-Mail: lisa.neie@dot.gov
California California State University - Long Beach
Long Beach, CA
Project Director:  Tang-Hung Nguyen
Phone:  562-985-1661
E-mail:  thnguyen@csulb.edu
Name: Paul Richard, Sr.
Phone: 916-445-3517
E-mail: paul_richard_sr@dot.ca.gov
Name: Will McClure
Phone: 916-498-5036
E-mail: will.mcclure@dot.gov
California State University - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Project Director:  Hassan Hashemian
Phone:  213-343-4450
E-mail: hhashem@calstatela.edu
San Jose State University
San Jose, CA
Project Director: Peter J. Haas
Phone: 408-924-5691
E-mail: haas@mti.sjsu.edu
Colorado Colorado State University - Pueblo
Pueblo, Colorado
Project Director: Sylvester A. Kalevela
Phone: 719-549-2405
E-Mail: sylvester.kalevela@colorado-pueblo.edu
Name: Adrianne Raiche
Phone: 303-757-9195
E-mail: adrianne.raiche@dot.state.co.us
Name: Joseph P. Duran
Phone: 720-963-3006
E-mail: joseph.duran@dot.gov
Delaware Delaware State University
Dover, DE
Project Director: Sheridan KingsberryPhone: 302-528-0850E-Mail: sqkingsberry1@verizon.net Name: Carla Elliott
Phone: 302-760-2555
E-mail: carla.elliott@state.de.us
Name: Francisco E. Gonzalez
Phone: 410-779-7150
E-mail: franciscoe.gonzalez@dot.gov
District of Columbia Howard University
Washington, DC
Project Director: Errol C. Noel
Phone: 202- 806-6199
Fax: E-Mail: enoel@howard.edu 
Name: William P. Carr
Phone: 202- 671-1371
E-mail: williamp.carr@dc.gov
Name: Bob Mihalek
Phone: 202-219-3515
E-mail: bob.mihalek@dot.gov
Georgia Albany State University
Albany, GA
Project Director:  Charles O. Ochie, Sr
Phone:  229-430-4864
E-mail: cochie@asurams.edu
Name: Patricia Flowers
Phone: 404-631-1972
E-mail: pflowers@dot.ga.gov
Name: Vanessa Ross
Phone: 404-562-3646
E-mail: vanessa.ross@dot.gov
Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, GA
Project Director: Peter Molnar
Phone: 404-880-6419
E-mail: pmolnar@cau.edu
Idaho University of Idaho
Moscow, ID
Project Director: Richard J. Nielsen
Phone: 208-885-8961
E-Mail: rnielsen@uidaho.edu
Name: Michelle George
Phone: 208-334-8845
E-mail: michelle.george@itd.idaho.gov
Name: Michael Caliendo
Phone: 208-334-9180,
Extension - 131
E-mail: michael.caliendo@dot.gov
ILLINOIS Southern IL - Carbondale
Carbondale, IL
(New Host Site)
Project Director:  J. Kent Hsiao
Phone:  618-453-7811
E-mail:  hsiao@engr.siu.edu
Name: Lesa Branham
Phone: 217-782-2545
E-mail: lesa.branham@illinois.gov
Name: Traci Baker
Phone: 217-492-4732
E-mail: traci.baker@dot.gov
Southern University IL-Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL

(New Host Site)
Project Director: Ramanarayanan Viswanathan
Phone: 618-453-4321
Email: viswa@engr.siu.edu
Kansas Donnelly College
Kansas City, KS
Project Director: Donette Alonzo
Phone: 913-621-8762
E-mail: dalonzo@donnelly.edu
Name: Debra Hepp
Phone: 785-296-7940
E-mail: dhepp@ksdot.org
Name: Jane R. Clouse
Phone: 785-228-2544
E-mail: jane.clouse@dot.gov
Kentucky Kentucky State University
Frankfort, KY
Project Director: Kimberly Holmes
Phone: 502-597-5585
E-mail: kimberly.holmes@kysu.edu
Name: Kellie Watson
Phone: 502-564-4610
E-mail: kellie.watson@ky.gov
Name: Camille Robinson
Phone: 502-223-6743
E-mail: camille.robinson@dot.gov
Louisiana Southern University and A&M College
Baton Rouge, LA
Project Director:  Patrick Carriere
Phone:  225-771-5290
E-Mail:  carriere@engr.subr.edu
Name: Juana Turnipseed
Phone: 225-379-1922
E-mail: juana.turnipseed@la.gov
Name: Charles E. Harkless
Phone: 225-757-7621
E-mail: charles.harkless@dot.gov
Maine University of Maine
Orono, ME
Project Director:  Sheila Pendse
Phone: 207- 581-2225
E-mail: sheila.pendse@umit.maine.edu
Name: Jackie Laperriere
Phone: 207-624-3066
E-mail: jackie.laperriere@maine.edu
Name: Maryellen Mayer
Phone: 207-622-8350,
Extension - 18
E-mail: maryellen.mayer@dot.gov
Maryland Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD
Project Director:  Z. Andrew Farkas
Phone:  443-885-3666
E-mail: andrew.farkas@morgan.edu
Name: Jennifer Jenkins
Phone: 410-545-0315
E-mail: jjenkins4@sha.state.md.us
Name: Francisco E. Gonzalez
Phone: 410-779-7150
E-mail: franciscoe.gonzalez@dot.gov
University of Maryland - Eastern Shore
Princess Anne, MD 
Project Director:  Robert A. Johnson, Jr.,
Phone: 410-651-6424
E-mail: rajohnson@umes.edu
Massachusetts Merrimack College
North Andover, MA
Name:  Gary S. Spring
Phone:  978-837-5187
E-mail: gary.spring@merrimack.edu
Name: Angela H. Rudikoff
Phone: 617-973-7024
E-mail: angela.h.rudikoff@state.ma.us
Name: David Chandler
Phone: 617-494-2542
E-mail: david.chandler@fhwa.dot.gov
University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Amherst MA
Project Director: Michael Knodler
Phone: 413-545-0228
E-mail: mknodler@ecs.umass.edu
University of Massachusetts - Boston
Boston, MA
Project Director:  Tomas Materdey
Phone:  617-287-6435
E-mail: tomas.materdey@umb.edu
Michigan Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI
Project Director:  Steve Patchin
Phone: 906-487-2219
E-mail: shpatchi@mtu.edu
Name: Jose Villareal
Phone: 517-335-2491
E-mail: villarrealj@michigan.gov
Name: Mary Finch
Phone: 517-702-1853
E-mail: mary.finch@dot.gov
Minnesota Fond du Lac Community College
Cloquet, MN 55720
Project Director: Holly Pellerin
Phone: 218-879-075
E-mail: hollyp@fdltcc.edu
Name: Bartolo Martinez, Jr.
Phone: 651-366-3056
E-mail: bartolo.martinez@dot.state.mn.us
Name: Cheryl B. Martin
Phone: 651-291-6120
E-mail: cheryl.martin@dot.gov
Leech Lake Tribal College
Cass Lake, MN
Project Director:  Juanita Wiley
Phone: 218-335-4279
E-mail: juanita.wiley@lltc.edu
Mississippi Alcorn State University
Alcorn State, MS
Project Director:  Troy J. Stewart, Sr.
Phone:  601-877-6440
E-mail:  troy@alcorn.edu
Name: Queen Hatfield
Phone: 601-359-7019
E-mail: qhatfield@mdot.state.us.ms
Name: Carr Brown
Phone: 601-965-4225
E-mail: carr.brown@dot.gov
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS
Project Director:  Dennis D. Truax
Phone:  662-325-7187
E-mail: truax@cee.msstate.edu
Missouri Linn State Technical College
Linn, MO
(New Host Site)
Project Director:  Diane Heckemeyer
Phone:  573-897-5263
E-mail: diane.heckemeyer@linnstate.edu
Name: James Dickson
Phone: 573-751-6550
E-mail: james.dickson@modot.mo.gov
Name: Edward O. Frazier
Phone: 573-638-261
E-mail: edward.frazier@dot.gov
University of Missouri - Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
Project Director:  Derrick Willis
Phone:  816-235-6438
E-mail: willisdk@umkc.edu 
Montana Montana State University
Bozeman, MT
Project Director:  Susan Gallagher
Phone:  406-994-6113
E-mail: sgallagher@coe.montana.edu
Name: Sue Sillick
Phone: 406.444.7693
E-mail: ssillick@mt.gov
Name: Lloyd Rue
Phone: 406.441.3907
E-mail: lloyd.rue@dot.gov
New Jersey Rutgers University
Piscataway, NJ
Project Director: Claudia Knezek
Phone: 732 445-3632, Extension-109
E-mail: knezek@rci.rutgers.edu
Name: Paul Thomas
Phone: 609-530-8039
E-mail: paul.thomas@dot.state.nj.us
Name: Patricia Leech
Phone: 609-637-4214
E-mail: patty.leech@dot.gov
New Mexico University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Project Director:  Maurice Thompson
Phone:  505-277-5846
E-mail: moncisco@unm.edu
Name: Bryan Brock
Phone: 505-827-1774
E-mail: bryan.brock@state.nm.us
Name: Lisa Neie
Phone: 505-820-2036
E-Mail: lisa.neie@dot.gov
Nevada University of Nevada
Reno, NV
(New Host Site)
Project Director: Zong Tian
Phone: 775-784-1232
E-mail: zongt@unr.edu
Name: Robert Easton
Phone: 775-888-7076
E-mail: reaston@dot.state.nv.us
Name: Kevin Resler
Phone: 775-220-7542
E-mail: kevin.resler@dot.gov
North Carolina Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City, NC
Project Director: Ellis E. Lawrence
Phone:  252-335-3444
E-mail: eelawrence@mail.ecsu.edu
Name: Everett Ward
Phone: 919-508-1810
E-mail: eward@dot.state.nc.us
Name: Lynise DeVance
Phone: 919-747-7010
E-mail: lynise.devance@dot.gov
North Carolina Agricultural & Technical  State University
Greensboro, NC
Project Director: Deborah Underwood
Phone:  336-334-7745
E-mail:  deborahu@ncat.edu
University of North Carolina-Pembroke
Pembroke, NC
Project Director:  Sylvia H. Pate
Phone:  910-775-4000
E-mail: sylvia.pate@uncp.edu 
Ohio Central State University
Wilberforce, OH
Project Director:  Gorgui S. Ndao
Phone:  937-376-6265
E-mail: gndao@centralstate.edu
Name: Stephon Ash
Phone: 614-466-7699
E-mail: stephon.ash@dot.state.oh.us
Name: Cheryl Cattledge
Phone: 614-280-6890
E-mail: cheryl.cattledge@dot.gov
Oklahoma Langston University
Langston, OK
Project Director:  M. Kay Wachtstetter
Phone:  405-466-6113
E-mail: mkwachtstetter@lunet.edu
Name: Jenny K. Chong
Phone: 405-521-2072
Name: Darren Kaihlanen
Phone: 405-254-3312
E-mail: darren.kaihlanen@dot.gov
Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
Mayaguez, PR
Project Director:  Didier M. Valdés-Díaz
Phone:  787-265-3892
E-mail: dvaldes@uprm.edu
Name: Harold Cortes
Phone: 787- 721-8787
E-mail: hcortes@act.dtop.gov.pr
Name: Roberto A. Escalera
Phone: 787-766-5600, Extension - 238
E-mail: roberto.a.escalera@dot.gov
Rhode Island University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI
Project Director:  Deborah Rosen
Phone:  401-874-7075
E-mail: uritc@uri.edu 
Name: Vanessa Crum
Phone: 401-222-2053
Extension - 4431
E-mail: vcrum@dot.ri.gov
Name: Daniel Berman
Phone: 401-528-4560
E-mail: daniel.berman@dot.gov
South Carolina Benedict College
Columbia, SC
Project Director: Vareva Evans-Harris
Phone: 803-705-4616
E-mail: harrisv@benedict.edu
Name: Barbara Beagles
Phone: 803-737-6361
E-mail: beaglesbd@scdot.org
Name: Pamela Foster
Phone: 803-253-3879
E-mail: pamela.foster@dot.gov
South Carolina State University
Orangeburg, SC
Project Director:  Larrie B. Butler
Phone:   803-516-4781
E-mail: lbutler@scsu.edu
Tennessee Tennessee State University
Nashville, TN
Project Director: S. Keith Hargrove
Phone: 615-963-5399
E-Mail: skhargrove@tnstate.edu
Name: Cammie Davenport Woodle
Phone: 615-741-3681
E-mail: cammie.davenportwoodle@tn.gov
Name: Joi Hamilton-Jones
Phone: 615-781-5790
E-mail: joi.hamiltonjones@dot.gov
Texas College of the Mainland
Texas City, TX
Project Director:  Khosro Godazi
Phone:  713-313-7925
E-Mail: godazi_kx@tsu.edu
Name: Dave R. Tovar
Phone: 512-416-4750
E-mail: dtovar@dot.state.tx.us
Name: Mark Arrington
Phone: 512-536-5916
E-mail: mark.arrington@dot.gov
Lamar State College
Port Arthur, TX
(New Host Site)
Project Director: Khosro Godazi
Phone: 713-313-7925
E-Mail: godazi_kx@tsu.edu
Lamar University
Beaumont, TX
Project Director:  Khosro Godazi
Phone:  713-313-7925
E-Mail: godazi_kx@tsu.edu
University of Texas - El Paso
El Paso, TX
Project Director:  Deborah Jasek
Phone:  979-845-5239
E-mail: d-jasek@tamu.edu
Vermont University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
Project Director:  Karen Glitman
Phone:  802-656-8868
Name: Lori Valburn
Phone: 802-828-5561
E-mail: lori.valburn@state.vt.us
Name: Lester Finkle
Phone: 860-659-6703
E-mail: lester.finkle@dot.gov
Virginia Hampton University
Hampton, VA
Project Director:  Sonja Pollard-Mitchell
Phone:  757-727-5366
E-mail: sonja.mitchell@hamptonu.edu
Name: Freddie Jones
Phone: 804-786-2085
E-mail: freddie.jones@virginiadot.org
Name: Mohamed Dumbuya
Phone: 804-775-3339
E-mail: mohamed.dumbuya@dot.gov
Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA
Project Director:  Ali A. Ansari
Phone:  804-526-5978
E-mail: aansari@vsu.edu
West Virginia West Virginia State University
Institute, WV
Project Director:  Dedriell Taylor
Phone:  304-766-5701
E-mail: dtaylor11@wvstateu.edu
Name: Drema I. Smith
Phone: 304-558-3931
E-mail: drema.i.smith@wv.gov
Name: Henry Compton
Phone: 304-347-5268
E-mail: henry.compton@dot.gov
Wisconsin College of Menominee Nation
Keshena, WI 54135
Project Director:  Alegra Fowler
Phone:  715-799-5600,
Extension 3008
E-mail: afowler@menominee.edu
Name: Alyssa Macy
Phone: 414-550-9407
E-mail: alyssa.macy@dot.state.wi.us
Name: William T. Stark
Phone: 608-829-7516
E-mail: william.stark@dot.gov
Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College
Hayward, WI
Project Director: Mike Smith
Phone: 715-634-4790
E-mail: msmith@lco.edu

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