Focus on Congestion Relief

Congestion Reduction Toolbox:
Traveler Information

511 Traveler Information Telephone Services

The 511 three-digit telephone number was designated for traveler information services by the FCC and assigned to public transportation agencies for implementing services throughout the United States. Five years into the program, approximately a third of the U.S. population is covered by 511 services. FHWA is focusing on getting more 511 travel information services deployed throughout the U.S.

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Travel Time Message Signs for Travelers

An effort related to the 511 Travel Information Telephone Services is underway to provide travel time information on dynamic message signs (DMS) located near the roadway. These signs give motorists the time to the next one or two significant destinations.

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National Traffic and Road Closure Information

Current weather, road and traffic conditions are available for travelers and freight shippers.

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Real-Time Traveler Information

Section 1201 of SAFETEA-LU calls for the establishment of "a real-time system management information program to provide, in all States, the capability to monitor, in real-time, the traffic and travel conditions of the major highways of the United States and to share that information..." FHWA is supporting the deployment of the requirements of the Real-Time System Management Information program so that all States have a basic real-time information system.

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Freight Shipper Congestion Information

Freight movement volume has grown and the patterns and modes have changed. Congestion and its affect on freight movement is reported in several studies on both the problem and solutions.

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