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Fostering Innovation Interstate Route H-1 Viaduct Improvements

Appendix A List of Frequently Used Transportation Acronyms

AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ACCAcid Copper Chromate
ACTTAccelerated Construction Technology Transfer
ADTAverage Daily Traffic
AGCAssociated General Contractors of America
ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
ASRAlkali-Silica Reaction
ATCsAlternative Technical Concepts
BIMRSBridge Incident Management and Response System
BMPsBest Management Practices
CADComputer-Aided Design
CCTVClosed Circuit Television
CECategorical Exclusion
CM at RiskConstruction Manager at Risk
CMPCongestion Mitigation Plan
CPMCritical Path Method
CRCPContinuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
DEISDraft Environmental Impact Statement
DMSDynamic Message Sign
DOTDepartment of Transportation
EJEnvironmental Justice
EMSEmergency Management System
EPSExpanded Polystyrene
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FEISFinal Environmental Impact Statement
FFYFederal Fiscal Year
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
GARVEEGrant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GRSGeosynthetic Reinforced Soil
HARHighway Advisory Radio
HDOTHawaii Department of Transportation
HfLHighways for LIFE
HMAHot Mix Asphalt
HOTHigh Occupancy Toll
HOVHigh Occupancy Vehicle
HPCHigh-Performance Concrete
HPSHigh-Performance Steel
IT/ITSIntelligent Transportation/Intelligent Transportation Systems
LOSLevel of Service
MISMajor Investment Study
MOTMaintenance of Traffic
MPHMiles per Hour
MPOMetropolitan Planning Organization
MSEMechanically Stabilized Earth
NCHRPNational Cooperative Highway Research Program
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act
NHINational Highway Institute
NPDESNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
OMPOOahu Metropolitan Planning Organization
PABPrivate Activity Bond
PCCPortland Cement Concrete
PIOPublic Information Officer
PMTProject Management Team
PRPublic Relations
PSIPounds per Square Inch
QA/QCQuality Assurance/Quality Control
RAPReclaimed Asphalt Pavements
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFQRequest for Qualifications
RODRecord of Decision
RPMsRaised Pavement Makers/Markings
RSCHRepeated Shear at Constant Height
RWISRoadway Weather Information System
SAFETEA-LUSafe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users
SCCSelf-Consolidated Concrete
SEPSpecial Experimental Project
SIPState Implementation Plan
SIP FormsStay-in-place Forms
SPMTsSelf-Propelled Modular Transporters
SUESubsurface Utility Engineering
TDMTraffic Demand Management
TIFTax Incremental Financing
TIFIATransportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act
TIGTechnology Implementation Group
TMCTraffic Management Center
TMPTraffic Management Plan
TRBTransportation Research Board
TSATransportation Security Administration
TSPThrift Savings Plan
VEValue Engineering
VMSVariable Message Sign
VPPPValue Pricing Pilot Program
WiFiWireless Fidelity

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