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Form FHWA-1273

Formerly Federal-aid Policy Guide Non-Regulatory Supplement 23 CFR 633A,
December 9, 1991, Transmittal 1
See Order 1321.1C FHWA Directives Management

  1. Applicability (23 CFR 633.102)
    1. The division office may approve a State highway agency request to retype and print the Form FHWA-1273 provided there are no changes in the text. Additions covering State requirements may be included in a separate supplemental specification prepared by the State, provided they are not in conflict with applicable Federal laws and regulations and do not change the intent of the required contract provisions in Form FHWA-1273.
  2. Availability (23 CFR 633.104)
    1. Form FHWA-1273 may be ordered from the Department of Transportation, Utilization and Storage Section, M-443.2, Room 2318, 400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, D.C. 20590. All orders for the form should be made by the regional or division office for subsequent distribution to the State highway agencies. The form may be ordered by memorandum or on Form DOT F 4200.1, Procurement Request. Orders may be expedited by attaching a self-addressed mailing label.


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Updated: 04/04/2011

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