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Construction Program Guide

IDOT Project Labor Agreement Determination

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In accordance with Executive Order 2003-13 (Blagojevich), it is recommended that a project labor agreement (PLA) be utilized for the above-captioned Project. This recommendation is based on the considerations indicated below.

  1. The Project is being awarded and administered by IDOT (i.e., not by another governmental agency).
  2. The Project is being constructed using state or local funds only (i.e., no federal funds).
  3. The overall size, scope, sequencing, logistics or other aspects of the Project make it particularly challenging to manage, and use of a PLA is expected to help assure that the construction work is performed properly and efficiently under the circumstances.
  4. The duration of construction activity on the Project is expected to exceed one construction season (i.e., 110 or more working days), or the nature of the Project results in a heightened need for labor force continuity and stability over a substantial period of time.
  5. There is a firm construction completion date established for the Project thereby increasing the adverse consequences of any work stoppage or other labor disruption.
  6. The time required to complete the Project is expected to extend beyond the expiration date of one or more existing collective bargaining agreements covering trades likely to be involved in the Project, thereby increasing the likelihood of work stoppage(s) or other labor disruption(s) during construction of the Project.
  7. In the absence of a PLA, there is an increased likelihood of jurisdictional disputes among unions or of conflict between unionized and non-unionized workers on the Project that could have a potentially material adverse effect on the time, cost, or quality of work performed on the Project.
  8. This project presents specific safety concerns to the traveling public and a PLA, will ensure labor force continuity and stability, decreasing the length of the safety concern.
  9. Use of a PLA is expected to result in improved access to skilled labor, improved efficiency, or improved safety performance on the Project.
  10. Use of a PLA on the Project is not expected to have a material adverse effect on the competitive bidding process.
  11. Use of a PLA on the Project is not expected to have a material adverse effect on the ability of the Department to achieve other Departmental goals (e.g., utilization of disadvantaged businesses, utilization of Illinois domiciled businesses, development of competitive vendor alternatives over time, etc.).
  12. There are other material considerations favoring or disfavoring use of a PLA on this Project as follows:

Based upon the identified considerations, we recommend that you approve use of a PLA on this Project. Upon your approval, the Department shall undertake to negotiate in good faith a PLA with the relevant labor organization(s), and shall include in all necessary bid specifications and other documents information regarding the actual or form of PLA that is binding upon all contractors and their employees.

Agreed: _______________________________________________
{Division Chief} (Date)

Agreed: _______________________________________________
{Bureau of Design & Environment} (Date)

Agreed: _______________________________________________
{Regional Engineer} (Date)

Approved: _______________________________________________
Gary Hannig, Secretary (Date)

FHWA concurrence in the PLA for the above mentioned contract.

Division Administrator FHWA (Date)

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Updated: 10/27/2015
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