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Tom Warne's Emphasis Areas

When Tom was named AASHTO President in October 1999, he submitted an emphasis area statement to AASHTO. The paper outlined three areas of emphasis:

  1. AASHTO Leadership in Policy
  2. AASHTO Leadership in Practice
  3. Environmental Streamlining.

Under Area 2 - Leadership in Practice, Tom's first item was "Advance Context Sensitive Design." Three specific actions were identified to support this goal:

  1. Sponsor a Design Conference in conjunction with the US DOT "Year 2000 National Transportation Design Awards," May 16 in Washington, DC.

    Status: AASHTO Design Forum 2000 completed on May 16, 2000.

  2. Publish a report on five case studies of good road design that show "How Transportation and Community Partnerships are Shaping America."

    Status: Published in August 2000.

  3. Feature "Smart Growth" at the Spring Meeting in St. George, UT, and include in that discussion the advancement of context sensitive design.

    Status: Session at Board of Directors Meeting moderated by Tom Warne (UT) with speakers Dave Ekern (MN) and Parker Williams (MD). "Smart Growth in Utah" presented by Brad Barber from the Utah Governor's Staff.

Status NCHRP Project 20-7, Task 114

AASHTO is sponsoring an effort to produce a companion document to FHWA's Flexibility in Highway Design. Topics being addressed are geometric design, roadside safety, environmental design, tort liability, and community involvement. A synthesis of the available draft documents is currently underway.

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Updated: 02/05/2007

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