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  • Building Roads in Sync With Community Values
    Authors: Harold E. Peaks and Sandra Hayes. Published in Mar./Apr. 1999 Public Roads.
  • The Asphalt Rebellion
    Author: Alan Ehrenhalt. Published in Oct. 1997 Governing.
  • Road Less Taken
    Author: Aileen Cho, with David Kohn, Debra Rubin and Steven Daniels. Published in Jan. 1998 ENR.
  • Author: Sandra Otto, Journal of Transportation Engineering - September/October 2000 (Volume 126, Issue 5, pp. 363-450).



  • "Building Projects that Build Better Communities - Recommended Best Practices," Washington State Department of Transportation, 2003.
  • Flexibility in Highway Design (FHWA Pub. No. FHWA-PD-97-062) - FHWA publication about designing highways that incorporate community values and are safe, efficient, effective mechanisms for the movement of people and goods.
  • International Scanning Tour on Highway Geometric Design Practices for European Roads - Mobility, safety, community issues, context sensitive design FHWA-PL-01-026- The objective of this scanning tour in June, 2000 was to review and document procedures and practices in highway geometric design and context sensitive design in several European countries. This "Report" gives a brief discussion on practices the scan tour participants found most significant. Please see the full report at the link below. HTML Version: PDF Version: (2 MB)
  • Integration of Context Sensitive Solutions in the Transportation Planning Process This report provides documentation of a survey of current practices in planning agencies and the development of the toolkit materials. The report concludes with a summary of findings, recommendations for implementation, and identifies several areas needing future study.”
  • Myerson, Deborah L., AICP, "Getting It Right in the Right-of-Way: Citizen Participation in Context-Sensitive Highway Design," Scenic America, 1999. Price $5.00. Call (202) 543-6200 or access
  • "Pattern and Palette of Place: A Landscape and Aesthetic Master Plan for the Nevada State Highway System" - Nevada Department of Transportation, June 2002 (PDF, 1.8 mb).
  • Project for Public Spaces, Inc., "How Transportation and Community Partnerships Are Shaping America: Part II: Streets and Roads," NCHRP Project 20-7, Task 128, AASHTO, 2000. For copies call (202) 624-5800 or access
  • Public Involvement Handbook, Florida Department of Transportation, October, 2003
  • Marriott, Paul Daniel, "Saving Historic Road: Design and Policy Guidelines," Preservation Press and John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998. Price $44.95 from local independent bookstores (ISBN 0471197629).
  • "Traditional Neighborhood Development: Street Design Guidelines," Institute of Transportation Engineers, 1999. Price $35.00. call (202) 554-8050, ext. 130, or access
  • "Rustic Roads Functional Master Plan," Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission and The Montgomery County Department of Parks and Planning, 1996. Call (301) 495-4559.
  • "Getting Back to Place: Using Streets to Rebuild Communities," Project for Public Spaces, 1997. Price $35.00. call (212) 620-5660 or access
  • "A Traffic Calming Plan for Virginia's Rural Route 50 Corridor, Fauquier and Loudoun Counties," Route 50 Corridor Coalition, 1996. Call (540) 687-4055.
  • Wick, Jim, "A State Highway Project in Your Town? Your Role and Rights: A Primer for Citizens and Public Officials," Preservation Trust of Vermont, 1995. Price $3.00 from Preservation Trust of Vermont, 104 Church St., Burlington, VT 05401.
  • "WILMAPCO: Mobility Friendly Design Standards," Wilmington Area Planning Council, 1997. Call (302) 737-6205 or contact
  • Aesthetic Guidelines for Bridge Design, 1995, Mn/DOT, 77pp. Guide provides useful ideas for creative approaches to bridge design. Available for $32.50 by calling Mn/DOT Bridge Office at (651) 582-1104.
  • Hear Every Voice: A Guide to Public Involvement at Mn/DOT (pdf, 1.2 MB). For information contact Merry Daher, Minnesota Department of Transportation, at (651) 296-6722
  • Tools For Defining Growth Areas: Urban Growth Boundaries in Maryland, Maryland Department of Transportation, September 1996
  • Maryland Department of Planning,
    • "Managing Maryland's Growth: Achieving Environmentally Sensitive Design," April 1995
    • "Managing Maryland's Growth: Design Characteristics of Maryland's Traditional Settlements," August 1994
    • "Managing Maryland's Growth: Regulatory Streaming," February 1994
    • "Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation," May 1997
    • "Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Initiatives," February 1998
  • Canadian Guide to Neighborhood Traffic Calming, December 1998, Transportation Association of Canada
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