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PER Team Overview

The Planning, Environment, and Realty (PER) Team works collaboratively with State Transportation agency to provide stewardship and oversight in delivery of the Federal Aid Program and to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations.  The team covers all for discipline areas, planning, environment, realty and civil rights in both the States of Maryland and Delaware.   A brief synopsis of each discipline follows:


The Planning program coordinates closely with and provides technical assistance to the State Transportation agencies on a variety of transportation issues including feasibility and corridor studies, development of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, and annual State Planning and Research work program.  This program area also coordinates and provides technical assistance with all the  MPOs in the state in the development of Transportation Improvement Programs and Unified Program Work Plan.  Finally, FHWA Planners work closely with the States and MPOs on developing their 20-year Long Range Transportation Plans.


The Environment Team provides leadership and technical guidance to all customers and partners on policies and procedures to assure full implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act, related laws, Section 4(f) issues, regulations, policies and executive orders, and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and to ensure that environmental considerations are properly evaluated for Federal-aid projects. The Team collaborates closely with the Planning and Right of Way Team and the Project Delivery Team to assure a seamless interface between the planning and project development processes in Delaware and Maryland.


The Realty specialists provide advice, guidance, and technical assistance to the State Transportation agencies on realty issues including acquisition, sale, relocation and property management.  The Right of Way group also provides technical assistance and works closely with the States on issues related to Outdoor Advertising and Junkyard control.  This group also reviews and provides technical assistance to the State Transportation Agencies on updating their Right of Way manuals.

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