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Innovative Bridge Research and Deployment Program - Selection Criteria and Additional Information

The FHWA will use the following criteria to evaluate the submitted candidates for selection:

  1. Project/s that will meet the FHWA's Every Day Counts (EDC) Initiative on Accelerating Technology & Innovation Deployment, which meets one or more of the goals of the program as listed in the Eligibility Section;

  2. Project/s that will be ready for construction by fiscal year 2012; and

  3. Project/s that leverages Federal funds with other public or private resources.

In addition, the FHWA may consider:

  1. State priorities - For States that submit more than one project application, consideration is also given to the individual State's priorities if specified.

  2. Innovative technology that has statewide and national application.

Solicitation Procedure:

Each year, a memorandum is sent from the FHWA Headquarters Office of Bridge Technology to the FHWA Division Offices requesting the submission of candidate projects for a given fiscal year's funding. This solicitation is also published on the IBRD Website at www.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/ibrd/. The State DOTs coordinate with local and Federal agencies, universities and colleges, private sector entities, and nonprofit organizations within their respective States in order to develop viable candidate projects. The State DOTs submit the candidate applications to the FHWA division offices. After review and consultation with the DOT, the division office submits the acceptable candidate projects ONLINE at http://intra.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/ibrd. The candidate project applications are due on or before June 3, 2011.

The candidate project applications are reviewed and evaluated by an evaluation panel composed of representatives from the FHWA Office of Bridge Technology, the FHWA Office of Infrastructure R&D, and Resource Center. The IBRD Program Manager submits recommendations to the Director of Office of Bridge Technology for approval. An allocation plan is prepared for presentation of the candidate projects to the Federal Highway Administrator, for the final selection of projects.

Submission Requirements:

State DOTs submit applications for funding under this program. A prescribed format for a project submission is provided in the format of a project application form, and the following information should be included to properly evaluate the candidate projects. Those applications that do not include this information will be considered incomplete and will be rejected.

Note: Additional information on project applications can be submitted through FHWA Division Office by FedEx mail, if needed.

Application Guidance:

Decision Process for Funding:

Projects are to be screened for eligibility first by the FHWA division office and then evaluated by the Headquarters IBRD evaluation panel. The State must commit to building the projects for which IBRD funds are awarded.

State Department of Transportation Responsibilities:

FHWA Division Office Responsibilities:

FHWA Headquarters Program Office Responsibilities:

FHWA Program Office Contact:

Raj Ailaney, P.E.
Senior Bridge Engineer - IBRD Program Manager
Office of Bridge Technology (HIBT-1)
Email: Raj.Ailaney@dot.gov
Phone: (202) 366-6749 Fax: (202) 366-3077

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