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Excellence in Highway Design

2002 Excellence in Highway Design Awards

Category 1: The Urban Highways

Category 1: The Urban Highways, images of award-winning projects Category 1 Award of Excellence Hutchinson River Parkway Town of Harrison and Village of Rye Brook, New York Category 1 Merit Award Highway 96 Lexington Avenue to STH 61, Ramsey County, Minnesota Category 1 Merit Award Neil Avenue Improvements, Columbus, Ohio Category 1 Merit Award Fort Washington Way, Cincinnati, Ohio Category 1 Merit Award U.S. Route 2 Main St. Reconstruction, Burlington, Vermont Category 1 Honorable Mention I-15/40th Street Freeway Project, San Diego, California Category 1 Honorable Mention Bruce R. Watkins Drive, Kansas City, Missouri Category 1 Honorable Mention I-25/I-40 System-to-System Interchange, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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