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Category 2 - Urban Highways: Surface Streets

Award of Excellence

"New" Phalen Boulevard Corridor
St. Paul, Minnesota

Photo of the approach into the ne Phalen Boulevard from the west over the first bridge structure.  The corridor includes decorative street lights and aesthetic bridge railing.  The roadway leads into an area with new business park developments.Aerial photo of the previously existing and blighted industrial brownfield areas east of downtown St. Paul and photo of a new housing redevelopment and restoration of a wetland that had been paved over by development decades agoThe new Phalen Boulevard project enables new multimodal access and mobility while blending in new land for use for redevelopment on more than l00 acres of previously blighted industrial Brownfield sites. The new roadway corridor was not meant to solve traffic problems, but to serve as an economic development tool, providing needed access and impetus for clean-up, revitalization, and redevelopment of an underused and blighted area. As a Municipal State Aid Route, it is the longest "new" road constructed in Saint Paul in more than 40 years; it is 2.6 miles long and runs from I-35E and downtown St. Paul on the west to Johnson Parkway on the east. It accommodates not only bicycles, but connects into a regional trail system. In addition to the project, the 750-feet long Westminster Junction Bridge was constructed over five active rail lines and two historic railroad tunnels.

Designer: City of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN
Contractors: Forest Lake Contracting, C.S. McCrossan Construction, Inc., Frattalone Companies, and others
Owner: City of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN

Photo of the new Phalen Boulevard Corridor and the allocation of space for multimodal, recreational, and environmental purposes. The corridor includes a multi-use path, roadway, and rail line, with vegetated buffers in between. And photo of the Westminster Bridge as it spans over active rail lines and historic rail

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Updated: 04/08/2011

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