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32nd Northwest Geotechnical Workshop

2006 Executive Summary Report

As part of our technology sharing program, we are distributing this Executive Summary of the technical information presented at the subject workshop hosted by the Colorado Department of Transportation, September 24 - 27, 2006 in Breckenridge, Colorado. This year we had participants from 10 State DOTs, the FHWA Resource Center, CFLHD, WFLHD, and FHWA Division offices, and several invited speakers from private industry. A variety of technical and case study presentations were made on subjects such as slope stability, foundations, geophysics, retaining walls, and other geotechniques. The workshop was held the same week and in the same location as the Highway Geology Symposium and the two meetings shared a 1-day field trip to see geology, natural hazards, and geotechnical engineering along the Interstate 70 and US 6 corridors in the mountains of Summit and Clear Creek Counties, Colorado. Presentation awards included: Best Presentation - Mark Vessely, Colorado DOT for "Maroon Creek Bridge in Aspen - What You Can Buy for $14 Million in Aspen"; Best Technical Presentation - Mitchell McDonald, Alaska DOT and Robert Dugan, Golder Associates for "Using Innovative Methods for Geologic Mapping of a Proposed Highway Alignment"; and Project From Hell - Clifton Farnsworth, Utah DOT for "Provo Canyon Reconstruction". The final agenda for this meeting is attached.

The 2006 Mr. Northwest Geotech award recipient was Mark Falk, Wyoming DOT. The 2006 Hat's Off Award recipient was Mark Vessely, Colorado DOT.

This years Northwest Geotechnical Workshop has again proven to be our most successful geotechnical technology transfer activity. The State and FHWA personnel from the 10 Northwest and Rocky Mountain States who participate in this workshop consider this to be the best and most productive technical session they attend during the course of the year.

Next year the Northwest Geotechnical Workshop will be hosted by the Idaho Transprotation Department, September 3 - 6, 2007 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The fieldtrip will cover geological and geotechnical features along the US 95 corridor north of Coeur d'Alene.

Barry D. Siel, FHWA Resouce Center
Northwest Geotechnical Workshop
Steering Committee Chair


Sunday September 24, 2006

  • Registration & Icebreaker
    Colorado DOT & FHWA

Monday September 25, 2006
Session 1 - Foundations Moderator: Jon Ketterling

  • Welcome & Announcements
    Mark Vessely
    Colorado DOT
  • Micropiles and the FHWA 30 Years of Implementation
    Barry Siel
    FHWA - Resource Center
  • An Overview of Micropile Foundations and Micropile Shoring Support in Colorado
    Ben Arndt
    Yeh and Associates
  • The US-95 Sand Creek Byway, North Idaho Potential 2007 NWGTW Fieldtrip
    Bill Capaul
    Idaho Trans. Dept.
  • LRFD
    Hsing-Cheng Liu
    Colorado DOT
  • Maroon Creek Bridge in Aspen - or what can you buy for $14 million in Aspen
    Mark Vessely
    Colorado DOT

Session 2 - Walls Moderator: Scott Anderson

  • Design of Innovative Retaining Wall System for Highway Construction in Steep Terrain
    Frank Harrison
    Golder Associates - CFLHD
  • Design of Shored MSEWalls Daniel Alzamora
    FHWA - Resource Center
  • Overview of New Rockery Guidelines for Design and Construction
    Khamis Haramy
  • SR 18 - Maple Valley to Issaquah Hobart Road
    Mark Frye
    Washington State DOT

Tuesday September 26, 2006
Session 3 - Stability Moderator: Kevin Griese

  • Risk Based Decision Making for Rockfall Mitigation
    Scott Anderson
    FHWA - Federal Lands
  • Dealing with Multiple Landslides and Protecting a National Historic Site
    Den Dudrey
    Wyoming DOT
  • Rockfall Hazard Analysis in Utah
    Jon Bischoff
    Utah DOT
  • Stealth Rock Fall Mitigation - You thought the B1 bomber was expensive!
    Rich Barrows, FWHA-WFL
    Larry Pierson, Landslide Tech.
  • Alignment Alternatives on Landslide Terrain - A Tale of Two Devils
    Jim Dahill, Wyoming DOT
    George Machan, Landslide Tech.
  • Provo Canyon Reconstruction
    Clifton Farnsworth
    Utah DOT

Session 4 - Geotechnics Moderator: Barry Siel

  • Failure is Not an Option - A Work in Progress
    Bill Warfield
    Montana DOT
  • Using Innovative Methods for Geologic Mapping of a Proposed Highway Alignment
    Robert Dugan, Golder
    Mitchell McDonald, AKDOT&PF
  • Polyurethane Resin Injection for Rock Mass and Structure Stabilization
    Matt DeMarco, FHWA - CFLHD
  • Discussion on DOT Organization, Projects, and other Accomplishments Barry Siel - Facilitator
    Everyone Participates
  • Awards Presentations, Hat's Off, Mr. NW Geotech
  • Wrapup Overview and Invitation to 2007 NWGTW
    Bill Capaul
    Idaho Trans. Dept.

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