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Geotechnical Engineering


Annual Southeastern Transportation Geotechnical Engineering Conference (STGEC)


The first meeting of this annual event was held in 1969 when the Federal Highway Administration proposed that the southeastern states would meet to discuss landslide problems on I-40 near Rockwood, Tennessee, and I-75 in northern Georgia, and settlement problems with high interstate embankments.

The first STGEC meeting was held in Atlanta, Georgia, near the Georgia Tech campus on December 5th through 7th, with Professor George Sowers as the guest speaker. There were approximately 50 attendees to this meeting, and because this event was such a success, interest spread quickly, and an annual meeting was soon scheduled due to the overwhelming response. A "Steering Committee" was formed to be a governing body consisting of one member of each State involved, as well as one member from FHWA and TRB. The Committee also established a set of by-laws to assist in governing the group. The main objective in these meetings is to discuss the transfer of technology concerning the rapidly advancing technology of Soil Mechanics and to share success or problems in the Geotechnical field to meet the demands for economical and successful transportation systems.

The previous name of this conference until 1976 was Southeastern Soil Engineering Conference when the present name was adopted. The steering committee chaired by the host member selects the time, place, and duration of each conference for the following year. The conference rotates among all member states, and this method ensures that each state involved has hosted multiple times since the conference's existence.

In terms of economics, the conference has always been self supported as a non-profit organization. The registration fee charged to all participants covers the costs incurred to provide meeting facilities, transportation, banquet, etc. Any excess funds are passed along to help fund the next meeting. Over the past 37 meetings the attendance has varied from 40 to 160 participants.

For more information about STGEC, contact:

Ben Rivers
Geotechnical Engineer
FHWA Resource Center
(404) 562-3926

History of Southeast Geotechnical Engineers Conference

STGEC Conference History

No Year Site
1 1969 Atlanta, Georgia
2 1970 Jackson, Mississippi
3 1971 New Orleans, Louisiana
4 1972 Montgomery, Alabama
5 1973 Orlando, Florida
6 1974 Covington, Kentucky
7 1975 Gatlinburg, Tennessee
8 1976 Raleigh, North Carolina
9 1977 Hot Springs, Arkansas
10 1978 Wheeling, West Virginia
11 1979 Charleston, South Carolina
12 1980 Atlanta, Georgia
13 1981 Virginia Beach, Virginia
14 1982 Jackson, Mississippi
15 1983 Montgomery, Alabama
16 1984 Winter Park, Florida
17 1985 Gatlinburg, Tennessee
18 1986 Louisville, Kentucky
19 1987 Hot Springs, Arkansas
20 1988 Raleigh, North Carolina
21 1989 Charleston, West Virginia
22 1990 New Orleans, Louisiana
23 1991 Charleston, South Carolina
24 1992 Williamsburg, Virginia
25 1993 Natchez, Mississippi
26 1994 Atlanta, Georgia
27 1995 Huntsville, Alabama
28 1996 Cocoa Beach, Florida
29 1997 Chattanooga, Tennessee
30 1998 Louisville, Kentucky
31 1999 Asheville, North Carolina
32 2000 Little Rock, Arkansas
33 2001 Roanoke, Virginia
34 2002 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
34 2003 Charleston, South Carolina
34 2004 Biloxi, Mississippi
37 2005 Lake Lanier Islands, Georgia
39 2006 Florence, Alabama
39 2007 Bowling Green, KY, October 8 - 12, 2007
40 2008 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, October 27 - 31, 2008
41 2009 Willmington, North Carolina, November 2 -5, 2009


Updated: 02/20/2015

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