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Geotechnical Engineering


Interstate Technical Group on Abandoned Underground Mines
Fourth Biennial Abandoned Underground Mine Workshop

Abstract: A Brief Synopsis of IDOT's Experience with Abandoned Underground Openings (esp Coal Mines)

Alan G. Goodfield,
Geologist, Foundations Unit, Bureau of Bridges & Structures

  1. Coal Mines

    1. Early Interstate Experience (pre-1970) -"Ignorance is Bliss"
      IL-138 / I-55; Mt. Olive, Macoupin Co.
    2. Farmersville Mine Subsidence "We really lucked out!"
      T.R. / I-55; Farmersville, Montgomery Co.
    3. Streator Bridge "Use of deep Drilled Shafts"
      Reloc. IL-23 / Santa Fe RR / Vermilion River; Streator, Livingston Co.
    4. Waltonville Bridge "Reduction in Planned Coal Extraction"
      IL-148 over Big Muddy River; Waltonville, Franklin Co.
    5. IL-158 Bridge @ Scott A.F.B. "Mine Grouting"
    6. IL-148 between Sesser & Waltonville "Legal Aspects of Undermining State Highway"
    7. IL-149 east of West Frankfort "Longwall Mining under Active State Highway"

  2. Dolomite/Limestone Quarry

    1. Joliet Road / Vulcan Quarry @ McCook, Cook Co."Rock Mechanics in Action"

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