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Interstate Technical Group on Abandoned Underground Mines
Fourth Biennial Abandoned Underground Mine Workshop

Abstract: ODOT Abandoned Underground Mine Inventory and Risk Assessment Update

Abstract #2

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is continuing efforts to implement the Abandoned Underground Mine Inventory and Risk Assessment (AUMIRA) process as documented in the 1998 manual. Since the publication of the manual, the ODOT Office of Geotechnical Engineering (OGE) has completed a series of five AUMIRA training sessions for District office coordinators. OGE has also developed and established a statewide geographic information system (GIS) database for the establishment and use of roadway site data resulting from the AUMIRA process. This database identifies each roadway site as a "network linear feature" having a geographically referenced centroid, and starting and ending points referenced to the ODOT state highway inventory. The data input screens for AUMIRA site information are tailored to match the inventory and risk assessment forms as they appear in the 1998 manual. Only 150 of the 750 estimated AUMIRA roadway sites in Ohio have been documented in the statewide GIS database as of this date. OGE has contracted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey for the purposes of assisting in establishing electronic versions of geological information needed for the AUMIRA process and populating the established statewide database with information for individual AUMIRA sites.

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Updated: 04/15/2015

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