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Geotechnical Engineering


TRB Annual Session Number: 528
Session Title: "Ground Subsidence"

Overview of the Session
Session #528, entitled "Ground Subsidence," was sponsored by the AFP10 Committee on Engineering Geology and the A2L01 Committee on Exploration and Classification of Earth Materials. The objective to this technical session was to provide a vehicle for the presentation of papers on best practices and innovative applications of available technology for evaluation, planning, mitigation and other needs related to the impacts of underground mining on transportation infrastructure. The session included presentations entitled:

  1. "Real Time Monitoring of Subsidence over Abandoned Mines in Virginia using TDR (04-3311);"
  2. "Application of Wavelets in Detection of Cavities under Pavements by Surface Waves (04-4041);" and
  3. "Measurement of In-situ Hydraulic Conductivity and Coefficient of Consolidation using Prefabricated Vertical Drains (04-3214)."


Updated: 04/15/2015

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