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Subject: INFORMATION: Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 4 "Ground Anchors and Anchored Systems" Date: June 16, 1999
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David H. Densmore
Director of Bridge Technology
In Reply Refer to: HIBT
To: Resources Center Directors
Division Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

Distributed with this memorandum is publication No. FHWA-IF-99-015 entitled "Ground Anchors and Anchored Systems." (.pdf, 4.6 mb) This report is the fourth in a series of geotechnical engineering guidelines called "Geotechnical Engineering Circulars" (GEC) developed by the Federal Highway Administration. The purpose of this circular series is to provide current, concise, and practical guidance on the design and construction of geotechnical features. The previously published GEC's are entitled "Dynamic Compaction" (1995), "Earth Retaining System" (1997) and "Design Guidance: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering for Highways" (1997). Currently, one other GEC is under development, which will provide guidance on soil and rock properties. This report is expected to be completed by next summer. The subject report will be of interest particularly to geotechnical, structural and construction engineers involved with Stabilization of highway slopes using ground anchors and anchored systems.

The report presents state-of-the-practice information on the design and installation of cement-grouted ground anchors and anchored systems for highway applications. This document has been prepared, in part, to update the FHWA design manual entitled "Permanent Ground Anchors," FHWA-DP-68-1R, which was prepared in conjunction with FHWA Demonstration Project 68, Permanent Ground Anchors. Topics in the report include selection of design earth pressures, ground anchor design, design of corrosion protection systems for ground anchors, design of wall component to resist lateral and vertical loads, evaluation of overall anchored system stability, and seismic design of anchored systems. In addition, two detailed design examples and technical specifications for ground anchors and anchored walls are included.

With this memorandum, we are distributing two copies for each Resource center, seven copies for each Division Office (including five copies to be forwarded to State DOTs) and five copies for each Federal Lands Office. The reports are available to the public from the National Technical Information Service in Springfield, Virginia. In addition, the report will be available for downloading at the Office of Bridge Technology website, http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/. Questions regarding this report may be directed to Mr. Jerry DiMaggio at 202 366-1569 or Mr. Chien-Tan Chang at 202 366-6749.


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