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Geotechnical Engineering


Checklist and Guidelines for Review of Geotechnical
Reports and Preliminary Plans and Specifications

PS&E Review Checklist for Specific Features

G. Structure Foundations - Driven Piles

  1. Do plan details adequately cover pile splices tip reinforcement, driving shoes, etc.?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  2. *Where friction piles are to be driven in silty or clayey soils, significant setup or soil freeze affecting long-term capacity may occur. Do specifications require retapping the piles after 24 to 48 hour waiting period when required bearing is not obtained at estimated length at the end of initial driving?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  3. Where friction piles are to be load tested, has a reaction load of four times design load been specified to allow load testing the pile to plunging failure so that the ultimate soil capacity can be determined?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  4. Where end bearing steel piles are to be load tested, has load test been designed to determine if higher than 62 MPa (9 ksi) allowable steel stress can be used, e.g., 83 to 103 MPa (12 - 15 ksi)?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  5. *Where cofferdam construction will be required, have soil gradation results been included in the plans or been made available to bidders to assist them in determining dewatering procedures?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  6. *If a wave equation analysis will be used to approve the contractor's pile driving hammer, has a minimum hammer energy or estimated soil resistance in kN (tons) to be overcome to drive the piles to the estimated length, been given in the special provisions?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  7. *Has the appropriate safety factor, based on construction control method (static load test, dynamic load test, wave equation, etc.) been included? Have the specifications for the applicable construction control method been included?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

*A response other than (yes) or (N/A) for any of these checklist questions is cause to contact the appropriate geotechnical engineer for a clarification and/or to discuss the project.


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Updated: 02/20/2015

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