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Highway Drainage

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Publication Code Publication Title Publication Year Publication # NTIS #
HEC 15 Design of Roadside Channels with Flexible Linings, Third Edition  2005  FHWA-IF-05-114   
HEC 21 Design of Bridge Deck Drainage  1993  FHWA-SA-92-010  PB94-109584 
HEC 22 Urban Drainage Design Manual Third Edition  2009  FHWA-NHI-10-009   
HEC 24 Highway Stormwater Pump Station Design  2001  FHWA-NHI-01-007   
HEC 24 Highway Stormwater Pump Station Design (cover)  2001  FHWA-NHI-01-007   
RD Durability Analysis of Aluminized Type 2 Corrugated Metal Pipe  2000  FHWA-RD-97-140   

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