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Subject: INFORMATION: Scour Monitoring and Instrumentation
Date: Dec. 4, 1998
From: /S/ Original Signed by
David H. Densmore, Chief, Bridge Division, Office of Engineering
In Reply Refer to: HNG-31
To: Resource Center Directors,
Division Administrators,
Federal Lands Highway Program Administrator

To facilitate the transfer of scour monitoring technology, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has developed Demonstration Project 97 (DP 97), "Scour Monitoring and Instrumentation". A flier describing this 12-day workshop is attached. Project DP 97 has been presented approximately 25 times to Federal, State, and local participants, and it will continue to be offered through fiscal year 1999.

Attached is a collection of documents which describe agencies' experiences with scour monitoring and other information which should be of use in developing a monitoring program as part of the plan of action for a scour-critical bridge:

  • NCHRP Report 396, "Instrumentation for Measuring Scour at Bridge Piers and Abutments", which documents the research on instrumentation that is the basis for DP 97.
  • NCHRP Report 397A, "Sonar Scour Monitor Installation, Operation, and Fabrication Manual.&
  • NCHRP Report 397B, "Magnetic Sliding Collar Scour Monitor Installation, Operation, and Fabrication Manual."
  • FHWA Publication No. SA-96-036, DP 97 Participant's Workbook, updated October 1998.
  • "Impact of Scour Monitoring and Instrumentation in the United States", by Ginsberg and Schall, presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers 1998 Water Resources Engineering Conference. This paper documents more recent experiences with scour monitoring instrumentation. (Not Available)
  • Sample plans of action from the Florida Department of Transportation and Montana Department of Transportation; sample scour monitoring program from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and sample underwater monitoring guidelines from the Oregon Department of Transportation. (Not Available)

By copy of this memorandum, the above referenced materials are being provided to State hydraulics engineers and to all the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) centers.

If you have any questions, or wish to schedule DP 97, please contact Mr. Jorge Pagán at (202) 366-4604.

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