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Subject: FHWA Determination that a USCG Navigation Permit is not required
Date: Originally distributed by email 2/28/2000
From: Philip Thompson,
Senior Hydraulics Engineer
In Reply Refer to: HIBT-20
To: FHWA Official Mail boxes, FHWA Division Bridge Engineers,
USCG Bridge Administration

I have been informed by the USCG Bridge Administration Staff that State DOT's are not consistently consulting with USCG District Offices as required by 23 CFR 650.805(c). State DOTs should provide supporting information (such as a record of consultation/coordination) in environmental or other documents, as appropriate, to the FHWA Division Office. This information will enable the FHWA to determine, in the words of 23 CFR 650.805(d), that a USCG permit is not required. The consequences of proceeding to construction without consultation can be serious. USCG has exercised their authority to have a bridge removed that was constructed without appropriate navigational clearances.

To facilitate consultation, the USCG has provided the following contact information for District Bridge Administration staff. A map of the USCG Districts can be found at

1st District, Boston
John McDonald,
(617) 223-8364

1st District, New York
Gary Kassof,
(212) 668-7021

5th District, Portsmouth
Ann Deaton, Adeaton@LANTD5.USCG.MIL
(757) 398-6222

7th District, Miami
Greg Shapley,
(305) 536-4521

8th District, New Orleans
Marcus Redford,
(504) 589-6951

8th District, St. Louis
Roger Wiebusch,
(314) 539-3900 x378

9th District, Cleveland
Robert Bloom,
(216) 902-6085

11th District, Alameda
David Sulouff,
(510) 437-3516

13th District, Seattle
John Mikesell,
(206) 220-7272

14th District, Hawaii
Thomas Hooper,
(808) 541-2319

17th District, Juneau
Jim Helfinstine,
(907) 463-2268

The following sites can be consulted for additional information:

If you have any questions, I can be reached at (202) 366-4611. For questions concerning environmental coordination, consult Fred Skaer at (202) 366-2058. For questions concerning USCG Bridge Administration, consult Nickolas Mpras or Frank Martin at (202) 267-0368 who concurred in the above message.

Updated: 07/13/2011

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