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Hydraulics Engineering

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Design For Fish Passage at Roadway - Stream Crossings: Synthesis Report

List of Symbols

Symbol Definition
A area, m2 (ft2)
bc channel span across bars, m (ft)
Cd discharge coefficient
Ce dimensionless culvert exit head loss coefficient
C0 dimensionless culvert head loss coefficient (Ce+Ke)
d particle size of interest, m (ft)
Di particle size representing i% finer
(Example, D16 is the particle size representing 16% finer)
f dimensionless Darcy Weisbach friction factor
g acceleration due to gravity, m/s2 (ft/s2)
h bank height, m (ft)
HW headwater elevation above the culvert entrance invert, m (ft)
Ke dimensionless culvert entrance head loss coefficient
L length, m (ft)
ht critical bank height, m (ft)
n Fuller-Thompson coefficient for adjusting bed mixture gradation
n Manning's roughness coefficient
Q flow, m3/s (ft3/s)
q unit discharge, m3/s/m (ft3/s/ft)
qc critical unit discharge, m3/s/m (ft3/s/ft)
Q100 one hundred year flow, m3/s (ft3/s)
R hydraulic radius, m (ft)
S slope, m/m (ft/ft)
Sf friction slope, m/m (ft/ft)
V velocity, m/s (ft/s)
y depth of water, m (ft)
Z baffle height, m (ft)
τ shear stress, Pa (lb/ft2)
τc critical shear stress, Pa (lb/ft2)
γ specific weight of water, Pa (lb/ft2)
τ* dimensionless Shield's parameter
Φ angle of repose (degrees)

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Updated: 09/22/2014

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